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My story…

On one particular morning of September of 2000, 2 months after I’d given birth to my first child, I was on my way to workout when I noticed a very odd visual in my eyesight.  I didn’t know then that it was my first aura.  I couldn’t see at all on the left side of my vision and was taken to a nearby medical center.  Since I’d never experienced anything like this before, the doctors were stumped and checked to see if I’d been drugged.  After that came up negative, my eyes were dilated and again, nothing.  It was a very scary experience which in the upcoming years would grow into debilitating migraine attacks several times per week.  

I’ve been to many neurologists who each have turned me into a guinea pig for drugs; including Topomax, Midrin, Relpax, Tylenol 3 (with codeine) and the list goes on.  Not to mention the MRI on my brain just to “make sure”.  Ugh.

In 2007, I’d read of a research study done with on people who suffered from migraines or epileptic seizures in which gluten was removed.  The study was a success for man (not all) of the people involved, so I immediately cut out gluten.  My attacks severely decreased from 3-4 attacks per week, to 2-4 per month.  This was a great victory for me and my brain, but the in-between attacks were a killer still; the random “shooting star” visuals that would give me a striking, pulsating pain in my skull or neck, the sudden cluster migraines which left me sitting in parking lots waiting for it to go away & the lovely tension migraines that stiffened my neck to pure, painful agony.  

Finally, in the summer of 2014 I came upon videos done by Dr. Eric Berg and his studies of hormones, women, weight loss and migraines.  I listened intently as I know that many of my attacks happened on both during my ovulation & menstruation days.  He brought up the ketogenic way of eating and I began studying on it and this led me to John Hopkins Ketogenic Diet Center, keto coach Stephanie Person, Dr. Stephen Phinney & author Jimmy Moore.  The more I read about it, the more I realized that this wasn’t a “fad” diet, but the way us humans SHOULD be eating.  The science is there, we just need to put what we’ve been told to the side and be open-minded.

That July of 2014, I began strict keto.  No caffeine, no sugar or sugar substitutes (except stevia), carbs coming from cruciferous veggies, plenty of grass-fed beef bone broth, bed by 9pm and up at 6am (without an alarm), no cheeses except hard, water, water, water, MCT oil, candida cleanse vitamins, cod liver oil supplements and exercise.  And now…no more migraines.  None.  Have I fallen off the sugar wagon?  Absolutely!  I’m not a robot, but wow do I pay for it with a migraine or some odd pain in my head.  

When I became pregnant (and didn’t know it yet) with my last child, I had 6 migraines in 4 days.  I knew SOMETHING was up hormonally!  I kept it keto throughout my pregnancy with no other attacks (2 days postpartum I had 1) and it also kept my blood sugar nice and low, which also kept me from having gestational diabetes since I was already overweight.

Since this is my first blog and intro, I’d like to lastly say that I’m really grateful to GOD for this answer to my brain disorder and discovering this new life I have.  

Let me rephrase that…this life I now get to live migraine free.     


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