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A little sugar, a little irritation?

You know, considering I just started this blog, you’d think I’d be trying very hard to make sure I kept off the basic “bad” stuff for a least a considerable amount of time.  Well folks, I caved.  And I didn’t cave too hard, but hard enough that my skin reacted to it.

My family was having a little celebration yesterday and I didn’t touch any cake, cookies, or anything…but then came the coconut macaroons!  Ugh.  My weakness!  I considered my keto and but saw that the ingredients were just coconut flakes, eggs, butter, vanilla, salt…& sugar.  Everything except the sugar is good, right?  And I’ve been having excellent low blood sugar, high ketones, no migraines and excellent health.  What’s 1 macaroon?  What’s 3 macaroons?  The texture was perfection, but wow after not eating sugar for so long, that stuff tasted SWEET.  Not good sweet, but too sweet.  Who cares?  I already fell off the sugar wagon, so I went in and ate 3.  Within about 30 mins my stomach wasn’t happy, but I thought that would be the end of it.  I was wrong.

This morning I woke up around 7am to some seriously itchy shoulders and forearms. Halfway awake and I was scratching away and chatting with my husband when I suddenly had a flashback.  During my first few months of doing strict keto of 2014, our family went on a trip to Disney and I’d eaten 4 (yes, only 4) peanut M&M’s.  The next morning I was scratching my very irritated & rash-covered arms.  The irritation was such that my skin was not just feeling bad but also appeared worse.  So, here I was again, after eating just a few macaroons, scratching my arms like an aggravated beast the next morning.

You know, it really makes me wonder what on earth sugar is doing in so many food products, especially considering it’s damage to the body if eaten long term.  With more and more products coming out that are “sugar free”, but have sugar substitutes that still raise blood sugar and also cause health problems, the growing community of keto-ers are almost begging for stevia-only sweetened products.  Will the food manufacturers listen and only use stevia? Or will they keep adding in xylitol?

Us keto-ers will just have to wait and see!

(By the way, the picture posted with this article are the stevia-sweetened macaroons I made.  No problems, or guilt, after eating them.)


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