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Energy, energy, ENERGY!!!

Once again, after a good night sleep, I get the “bing” type of energized wake up precisely at 6am.  The kind of wakeup that only folks who burn fat for energy have; aka, the GOOD kind of energy.  It’s the kind of energy that constant coffee drinkers only wish they had and yet we have it without any caffeine.  It’s human energy that is at times a slow roast or a firey burn, but it never has a comedown.  I digress, the comedown is sleep!  However a person wants to slice it, this “cherry on top” from keto is coveted by even the most progressive keto-ers.  Good sleep on keto keeps my blood sugar in the 70’s & my ketones between 1.5 & 2.8.

Around 6am, the “bing” happened…that keto energy that allows me deep rest and then blows open my eyelids and mind between 5am – 6am every morning.  It’s fantastic!!!  I feel good and not groggy.  I don’t feel that I can’t function until I can taste hot coffee hitting me any longer.  This is quite the contrast to years ago when a good double shot of espresso was the only thing that could wake me before 7am!

This real, human energy is fantastic and the level of it varies throughout the day.  For instance day before yesterday I decided to go for a short run on my treadmill and a mile through it I felt what can only be described as nitros to a gas tank.  I felt my legs just taking off without any extra conscious push from me and my lungs weren’t feeling overworked.  It was great and I definitely felt the effects on my gluteus maximus soon afterword.  I can say without a doubt, that many times while working out do I feel those keto thrusters push through.  I feel even more energized in the middle of my workouts, than during the beginning.

Well, this energy wasn’t used during a workout, however my entire morning consisted of walking around an art, history & science museum and I needed to keep up with several other people, going up and down flights of stairs.   Thanks to the ketogenic way of eating, I was power walking during the entire 2 1/2 hour tour and still was ready for more!


2 thoughts on “Energy, energy, ENERGY!!!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I follow a strict ketogenic way of eating. I stay away from things like caffeine, creams and cheeses, nuts and sugar substitutes except Stevia. I eat lots of butter, eggs, moderate amount of fatty meats, cruciferous vegetables, MCT oil, cod liver oil, Himalayan salt, various vitamins and plenty of sleep. That is just me. I had to be my own science experiment for quite a while to discover what does work for me and what does not. I’ve watched a ton of Stephanie Person’s video on YouTube and even hired her as my keto coach. I definitely checked her out. Thanks for reading!


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