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Ketogenic lifestyle: Strict or progressive?

Back when I first started the keto lifestyle in the summer of 2014, I noticed quite a few forums with keto-ers debating about what was “allowed”.  Allowed?  It never occurred to me that there were several different versions of keto floating around.  Recipes for bulletproof coffee, fat bombs and all sorts of things made with cheeses were sort of surprising.  As far as I understood it, there was only strict keto and everyone else was just wasting their time.  Six months into this way of eating with my husband and wow, my eyes were opened.

My reason for doing keto was/is to prevent my horrible migraine attacks and in the first month not only were my attacks gone, but I’d (inadvertently) lost 10 lbs.  My husband decided to change to keto to not only support me, but hey, who doesn’t want to lose a few lbs?!  Well, off he went along with me, but he DID have coffee, creams & cheeses but he also worked out consistently and was looking quite lean and muscular.  Meanwhile, I was strict keto, not working out & was slowly seeing the lbs fall away.  Now, I’m not going to argue about the fact that my husband is a male and therefore has a drastically different (ahem, better) muscle mass & genetic makeup that’s off the charts compared to us females.  With that being said, I was quite perturbed at my strictness not being able to do what his progressive version was doing!  Here I was staying away from caffeine, cheeses, creams, ect and he was enjoying them AND looking like Superman.  What was I doing wrong?  Nothing.  I was and am still here to prevent a medical condition and he’s around to support me and enjoy the perks of fat loss and healthy living.

Today, on whatever keto forum I read, I stay away from saying anything absolute as we are all so different.  Each person has to be their own science project.  For some folks, coffee won’t have a harsh effect on their cortisol, while others will see their glucose rise and their ketone numbers fall.  Other people eat cream cheese and thrive while some folks can’t touch it.  I can’t have any sugar substitutes except stevia or my glucose skyrockets and kicks me out of nutritional ketosis fast!  At times it feels very unfair that I must be so unbelievably strict and then watch my husband make taco shells out of cheese.  However, most of the time I know why I’m here: migraine attack prevention.  

In any case, I’m so grateful to GOD that I found something that keeps me out of pain and living a normal life again after almost 18 years of suffering.  I’ll take my blessings wherever I am able to find them and just be happy I found what works for me.


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