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This Is My Brain On Keto

While I’m no longer searching blogs or forums for ketogenic recipes, I do read through them for positive outcomes of other migraineurs.  We “headache” people are always desperately searching for anything that will alleviate or at least lesson the pain we endure. Some of us have attacks several times a day and some have fewer attacks that will last for days at a time.  In either case, it’s no wonder why the suicide rate for us is considerably higher than the average person. Suicide Rate for Migraineurs

The ketogenic way of eating has literally given me back my life, which is a drastic difference than from several years ago when I was having attacks several times per week.  I can recall one week where I’d already had 2 attacks that week and had been taking my prescribed Midrin (which later my neuro said was poisoning me into having MORE attacks) and I was once again at work, having another severe migraine attack.  Once I was able to see again, I was allowed to take a sick day and returned home before the pain was unbearable.  There I was, laying in my work clothes on our bed in our bedroom with the lights off, having the worst possible migraine and occasionally crawling to our bathroom to vomit.  The fact that our neighbors were once again having a screaming match wasn’t helping, but when one of them suddenly threw what sounded like a brick through their front window, I began to cry. I was in hell.  This was NOT living!

In late 2007, after doing years of research about us migraineurs, I’d read a study that had promising results by reducing or eliminating gluten from a diet for migraineurs and people with epilepsy.  What else did I have to lose except migraine attacks?  I didn’t eat any breads, pastas or wheat products for an entire month and sure enough my attacks were far less frequent.  Not, gone, but I could deal with 4 attacks per month instead of per week!

By the time 2014 arrived, I’d been a human test rat for 2 neurologists.  They’d tested me with Midrin (which gave me MORE attacks), Topomax (awful stuff!), Relpax (not too bad, actually) and Tylenol 3 with codeine (best stuff).  One of my neuros had actually tried and failed with steroid shots to my neck; which hurt a ton and STILL did nothing.  But definitely, my worst memories were of Midrin.  Ugh, just the thought of the smell of them makes me shutter all these years later.

That July, in 2014, I was ready for a drastic, yet homeopathic approach as modern medicines were making me so much worse than I already was suffering through.  I was ready to go vegan, go rice only or raw whatever, I absolutely did NOT care!   My foodie “wants” were no longer an issue when it came to living a normal life again.  That’s when I came across the ketogenic way of eating on the John Hopkins medical website.  It catapulted me into the possibility of living life without pain and eating all the foods I’d grown up thinking were bad; like butter & eggs!

Since that life-changing summer over 2 years ago, things could not be more different me. No longer am I in a panic to make sure I have my meds within a few feet of wherever I am. My anxiety has significantly decreased due to the lack of near-constant state of panic from always thinking an aura is beginning.  I’m able to miss a meal or have rough sleep without it triggering attacks.  Folks, I’m living now and I owe it all to the ketogenic way of eating.

I’d like to end this with a really great quote from a somewhat famous captain in a movie I really love; He said “I don’t want to survive, I want to live!”

And amen to that!


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