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Food Temptations and The Healthy Keto-er

Temptation by definition is something that tempts, entices, or allures and as a keto-er, anything with flour or sugar is quite seducing.  Several times a day I come across lovely pictures of food made by my ketogenic folks that could quite honestly put to shame professional culinary photographers & cooks.  With recipe titles like Delicious Keto Brownies, Coconut Flour Pancakes, Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs and Meatball Parmesan Casserole, it’s any wonder how so many would-be keto-ers are still able to achieve nutritional ketosis; if at all!  Please don’t misunderstand that I’m not at all against these recipes, since we are all so different genetically speaking.

The simple truth is that each human has to work out for him or her, what does and does not work.  I personally wish I could be both keto and have those lovely keto cheesecake bites I keep seeing!  Ugh, I lovvvve cream cheese and I’ll eat it in cheesecake, on a sandwhich or just a plain spoon.  However, when I have consumed it, something in my body says, “No way!  Time to retain water and feel like garbage!” And sure enough, I feel blah and “thick”, and then it takes a day or two for the yuck feeling and swelling to leave my healthy ketone nutrient system.  It stinks I tell ya, but if you can do it AND have those awesome ketones, right on!  Just keep in mind that everyone is different!

Now I’ll get to the popular one: Bullet Proof Coffee.  To drink it or not to drink it, THAT IS the question!  In my case, I’ve said yes AND no.  During the beginning weeks of getting into keto, I weaned off it when I’d read several times that coffee raises cortisol, our ‘stress’ hormone.  Cortisol, when raised, will begin to raise glucose levels, which is the opposite of what a keto-er needs in order to be keto adapted.  As soon as I was off the BPC, my glucose finally lowered to the comfortable high 70’s.  Today, over 2 years later and having gone strict keto on New Year’s day, I still am weaning myself slowly off the 1/2 cup of coffee I still enjoy in the morning.  My numbers are fabulous and so far isn’t making a dent, however strict keto is STRICT and eventually I won’t be having it at all.  This is for my health, folks, so if you’re a BPC drinker, good on ya!  For my body, it’s just not agreeable in the long run.

I’d like to think that keto-ers in general want health first and cosmetic reasons second for getting into the ketogenic lifestyle.  Could I be wrong?  Of course, but when things have run their course, and the temptations of pastas, breads, cakes and the like begin to call, a keto-er will decide his or her own future.  To this day, I STILL recall the taste and smell (and occasionally crave) Boudin’s sour dough bread.  If I could eat it, I’d have it with every single meal, morning, noon and night.  Sour dough bread.  It’s like a drug.  Ugh!  But, it’s AWFUL for my health, so it’s not something I think about…except when writing this particular blog.

What all of this boils down to is when a new keto-er comes across their food temptations, perhaps observing the positive changes to their health will be the game-changers. A man seeing his blood glucose lower into a healthy range might keep him in this lifestyle.  What about a woman with PCOS or amenorrhea who has finally (thankfully) become regular, is bread or pasta worth it?  What if someone seeing their gums pink and healthy (ph balance) for the first time in years, maybe that itself is what keeps them striving daily for those fat burning ketones.

For me, living migraine free and having the ability to do things I was not able to do without medication, will ALWAYS keep those tempting foods out of my mind.

Pun intended.


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