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Dining Out For The Keto-Minded

Going out to eat with my girls on a Friday or Saturday night is a luxury I occasionally have, and with me being in nutritional ketosis, this can make my choices quite limited if I don’t plan ahead.  Many restaurants today are adding “diet” menu options with lower fat or salt. Which is nice if that’s for you, but for a keto-er, low carb options is what will catch our eyes.  However, lower carb doesn’t necessarily mean higher fat and asking for extra butter with your low carb meal might stun your waiter or waitress, so just smile and have confidence in your choice!

Currently, I’m quite fortunate to live close to a large city where I’m able to find restaurants that serve organic/grass fed only foods.  Although those places tend to be slightly (or extravagantly) more expensive, consider it a gift to yourself for a “job well done” at sticking to your way of eating.  You’ll avoid feeling sick, breaking out in a rash or just feeling ‘blah’ the next day.  Who doesn’t love a night out of enjoyment AND be able to feel good about it the next day?!  Hello?!  ME!

Every so often I’ll hit up a drive-thru with my family and if I haven’t planned ahead and brought at least one hard-boiled egg, or MCT oil capsules, I’m kind of up a high carb creek! What I like to do is order a burger without the bun, plain and simple.  There’s no doubt in my mind that these meats are not organic or grass fed, but I’m just hoping that they really are beef!  So, as a rule, I take my MCT oil capsules with me in my purse just in case I need a quick fix of fat & my liver loves it!

With this all being said, let’s say you’re out at a nice restaurant with your friends or significant other and looking through yet another anti-keto menu.  What choice do you have but to order a carb-filled or sugar-laden meal?  Well, depending on where you’re eating, are there meats available?  A nice fatty steak, and maybe asparagus on the side?  Ask for a side of butter too!  What about chicken?  Thighs and legs are a MUCH better choice than breast; remember, we want the fat, not a ton of protein.  And again, ask for butter!  Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, arugula, shitake mushrooms, cabbage & bok choy) can be found at many restaurants and high carb veggies (corn, carrots, potatoes, rice, beans, etc.) can be avoided.

Whatever you’ve decided to eat while dining out, just remember this, keepin’ it keto is easy at home where you can control what flavors and ingredients you’re adding.  In restaurants, there are many substitutes you can ask for, so don’t be afraid to ask!  You’re paying for your meal, so you may as well get EXACTLY what you want!  And don’t forget to ask for a lemon or lime slice to that bubbly Pellegrino in a wine glass.  It’s not wine or champagne, but it tastes fabulous!



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