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New Keto-ers & How To Avoid Confusion

Over the past few days, I’ve come across so many forums containing recipes with TONS of protein or even *gasp* potatoes and I’m just dumbfounded!  When did the ketogenic way of eating become so high in protein and where is the GOOD fat?!  This isn’t Atkins, this is KETO!  I’m also noticing so many people freaking out that their blood glucose is too high (gee, ya think?!) and they’re counting water retention loss & gluconeogenesis (muscle loss) as weight loss “victories”.  Not to mention that people are asking what recipes are good with potatoes.. O.o …well they read it in a  “keto recipe book”…..everyone is an expert these days.

What’s going wrong in these keto groups & forums that has so many newbies to the ketogenic way of eating so confused?  These forums that are full of so-called, “experts” and administrative keyboard warriors who will kick you out of a forum the moment you use key words like, cortisol, candida, nutritional ketosis or gluconeogenesis. (No, I’m NOT kidding and YES, I did get kicked out for mentioning the awful word “candida” one too many times.)  Sometimes science does not have its place among some of these groups, and that’s quite disheartening as it leads to so much confusion among those who very much want to achieve REAL nutritional ketosis.

The ketogenic way of eating isn’t rocket science, but if you’re going to educate yourself in it, you NEED to be looking to the professionals like Dr. Stephen Phinney, Stephanie Person, Jimmy Moore or another expert in this field.  All of these people are easily accessible on YouTube for free!  Jimmy Moore is the author of Keto Clarity and even has a podcast called, Livin’ La Vida Low Carb.  Dr. Stephen Phinney is a well-researched scientist in nutritional ketosis and has dedicated much of his time to giving lectures on the science behind keto adapting and it’s benefits.  Stephanie Persons is a keto coach (who I myself hired!) who has been in a state of nutritional ketosis for almost 10 years, is in peak physical shape and has her own book coming out soon.

The only way an individual is going to truly and successfully achieve nutritional ketosis is to make themselves their own test subject.  Start writing down what you’re eating and the time.  Worry less about the macros and more about your satiation; how long are you staying full?  If you’re only staying full for an hour or so, then you may have either eaten too much protein or not eaten enough fat.  Or perhaps you have an unknown condition that has to do with your glucose or even thyroid, which isn’t pleasant to think about, but the reader should keep these things in mind. Personally, I counted my macros in the beginning with 80% fats, 15% proteins and 5% carbohydrates, however today, I don’t count anything as I can tell just by satiation what I need and when.  Yes, our bodies were created to live without apps that will count our calories!

As far as these forums are concerned, I’d like to express their benefits and the enjoyment I’ve had using them.  I love posting that I’m 4/5/6 months migraine free and reading the responses from other sufferers who are hoping that keto will work for them also.  With so much pain going on, people are turning to the ketogenic (aka, natural) way of eating to try and heal this disorder or that disease.  And goodness, the list is LONG for folks who are turning to it for health reasons and these forums are essential to express hope, gratitude and even the science that supports it.

Just remember, the only way to spot a counterfeit dollar bill is to study and know what a REAL one looks like.  And so should your knowledge of nutritional ketosis be.


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