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Gluconeogensis & Anaerobic Activity

Yesterday morning I decided that I needed to buckle down and run again as I’m due to run my first 5k in about 10 years.  I’ve been slowly running occasionally and my knee isn’t behaving like it should anymore and this 5k is important to me. With the race less than 10 days away, I was excited to do 2 miles of interval running and couldn’t wait to see my glucose and ketone levels afterward.  I was shocked at the results; high glucose and lower than usual ketones.

I began my treadmill run with a slow jog, was breathing quite well and decided that I just didn’t have time to wait to reach the 2 mile and picked up my pace.  I really am kicking myself for not wearing a heart rate monitor now, but I can only guess that my heart was beating around 180 bmp at least.  My intervals were 1 minute each; 1 min run and 1 min fast walking pace at 3.5 mph.  Well wow, my lungs burned with nearly every breath and even though my weight has gradually lowered over the past few months, I am still out of shape.  I finally finished at the 2 mile mark, and then I waited about 20 minutes to see my glucose and ketones.  GLUCOSE: 93 – KETONES: 1.6

The Cori Cycle: Post anaerobic workout. 

What on earth had happened??  I thought that post exercise was suppose give me the opposite results!  Time to research and educate myself.

Apparently what occurred is something called the “Cori cycle”; in short lactate produced by anaerobic glycolysis in the muscles moves to the liver and is converted to glucose. Increase glycogen oxidation and muscle, more lactic acid, means gluconeogenesis and less ketone production and more ketones going to the brain because the glucose transporters are sensitive to glucose uptake and reduced circulating ketone levels.  Blah.

Here’s a picture for those of you, who (like me) just said, what??cori1355997130413

The human body was created to survive and if this type of gluconeogenesis didn’t happen, lactate acidosis would occur and possibly kill a person.  It’s a safety mechanism and my glucose was the results of my own body saving itself; it doesn’t know that I was on a treadmill, but I was running like I needed to save my own life.  Hence these results.

Every week with keto, I learn something so amazing about my own body’s system.  The human body is such an intelligent machine, or should I say MANY machines, that all work together in an awesome melodic harmony.  It’s made to heal itself in so many different situations, that even in modern times these type of results to this person using this particular body is kept in a near constant state of amazement.


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