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Sugar & Carb Cravings: Picking Your Poison

Donuts.  Pasta.  Oooh breads.  Cakes.  And mmmm cookies.  How on earth can someone not only avoid all of these lovely tasting foods, but also stop craving them?  In my opinion, it mainly will have to do with how you see them; either as a temptation or as a poison.  I personally see them as a poison that will send me into migraine & bowel disturbance hades.  And this is exactly what will happen if I eat them.


On an almost daily basis, we’re going to be faced with eating carbs and sugars.  Whether it’s the cake from someone’s birthday to eating dinner out with family, a keto-er must be prepared to navigate through these situations.  When someone politely hands me a plate of cake with pretty icing, I smile and say something like, “You know, I really need a cup of tea right now instead!” When I’m out to eat, I try to pick the most ket0-friendly meals. And trust me, the fact that I get to have a butter-laden piece of fatty steak will have most of my friends very beguiled and wondering how on earth I’m eating it AND getting fit.  I love it.

If you’ve not eaten any carbs or sugars for at least a month and then get a massive craving for something like tiramisu or spaghetti, I’d definitely document the results as the effects aren’t pretty.  Some folks will get an itchy rash (which I get) in various places and it may last from 24 hours to several days.  Other people have an “intestinal disturbance” that rocks their world.  And some folks break out in red, splotchy, itchy rashes (aka hives) throughout their body. If you’ve experienced this from sugar or excessive carb intake, it’s quite normal among the LCHF/ketogenic community, but let’s be clear that this is NOT a good thing.

ltjv6keIf sugar or heavy carbohydrate intake can do this to our body after being off of them for a few weeks, imagine what our insides looked like for the past decade!  What effects have they had on our hormones?  And if they’re affecting our hormones, have those things prevented us from being healthy and fit?  Our the thing that’s plaguing people around the world, crazy blood glucose levels.  The bad effects of all this list is endless and probably is hurting us a lot more than we want to admit.  But what’s done is done and we’re now actively fighting this battle from the inside out.

For me, being 2 years and 7 months into the keto lifestyle, I don’t have cravings for sugar or carbs like I did the in the very beginning.  Granted, I’d gone gluten free a few years prior, but I still craved and wanted my breads, cakes, tortillas and sweets.  What I never realized was that I’d had made a habit of eating certain foods and that also my tastebuds and body were all addicted.  What I had to do was wean myself off of them all, including sugar substitutes and introduce new tastes, flavors and foods into my system.  And not just to keto adapt, but to remove those cravings for foods that were essentially poisoning me.  And that’s exactly how I view carbs and sugars now; poison.

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-9-35-00-amIt’s taken over 2 years, but today my body runs like a well-oiled (ahem, buttered) machine that does what it is SUPPOSE to do.  Like burn fat (not carbs/sugar) for energy, have a normal menstrual cycle (previous amenorrhea sufferer), normal glucose levels, healthy ph balance (noticeable pink gums), energy first thing in the morning without caffeine, satiation hours after eating and the list keeps going.  And now, my cravings are for things like coconut milk shakes and macaroons!

I swear, if you could see inside the cravings side of my mind, where sourdough bread once sat now lies having bursts of energy.  Where the chocolate cheesecake previously rested has now been replaced with living migraine-free and watching my family grow and thrive. This is no longer about cravings as much it is about what will allow me to live a healthy life.  One without skyrocketing blood glucose, migraines sending me to the ER and in and out of neurologists offices and wondering if I need to drink that 4th cup of coffee to wake me up today.  I live without any of these problems today, folks and it’s all because of the ketogenic lifestyle that I stick to.

You can either choose to fall for the craving or stand for your health.

Which will it be today?


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