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Mi Keto Loca!

I finished my first 5k in almost 10 years, yay!  Very glad I have a great support system and keto has energized me tremendously!  So, here’s the details…

Please excuse me while I get all Sophia Petrillo on whomever is reading this;  Picture it, Sunday, 9am and I just arrived with my family at a local brewery where the 5k I’d signed up for was just about to get going.  I was somewhat irritated with myself for wearing heels on a night out 2 days before and my achilles tendon was basically raw and super painful.  I could have kicked myself, but that would hurt also!  Ugh!  My husband hands me my mole skin bandages and off I went, pretty pain-free.  Thank you, GOD and thank you everyone involved in making these bandages!!!

I got my new shirt, number attached to it, tag on my shoe and then we were off racing!  As I began jogging with fresh MCT oil running through my veins, I felt that I was ready to conquer this run and I’d do it looking as awesome as I felt…until it happened….the hill.  I HATE hills 4f5f786c3cfe5ad9f003fb0b744aa333when it comes to running and I’m so not ever in the mood to hit the “incline” button on a treadmill!  Nope!  I don’t care if it WOULD help tighten my glutes (yeah, I hear you ‘exercise’ people!) and I STILL won’t use it!  If I’m hiking, then YES, that’s a given that I will need to WALK uphill, but not jog.  Let’s put it this way, unless a wild animal is behind me, this chic is not jogging uphill.  Not yet, anyways.

Well, I managed to stop only once to catch my breath and then continue on, not knowing that there was a MAJOR hill coming up on the 2nd mile.  And boy, that hill was no joke.  During that uphill walk/jog, I saw folks who appeared to be avid runners even stop and throw their hands up to breath.  What?!  I think some even stopped to call cabs.  Like this wasn’t funny and we all were basically walking/hiking the 2nd mile.  And I could not stop coughing and spitting.  I know, lovely right?!  Gross.

Anyways, I finished the 5k and I made sure to push through every part of it I could manage and today I feel great.  I feel great because I’d stuck to preparing for the run in the weeks leading up.  I feel awesome for sticking to being strict keto for this long of a period and the results are priceless.  I also feel ecstatic that although the scale is slower than a snail’s pace, it’s going down.  I’ve been patient and stuck to it, but the scale IS beginning to reflect it.  If nothing else, my patience is paying off when it comes to the cherry-on-top of keto, which is fat loss.

I could blather on all day long about all the awesome things resulted in my body from keto, but I’ll just leave the reader with this; if you mean business, your body will react accordingly.  If you halfway do it, you’ll receive halfway results.  It’s just math.

Do or do not.  There is no try.  – Yoda

After 5k lunch!  Well worth it!  Yum! (Roasted jalapeño, fresh guacamole, over-easy eggs, panfried pork, slow-roasted pork with red sauce.)

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