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PMS – Why I Hate Keto Just Today!

Okay, today’s not a good day for my keto food and my hormones so this blog is just going to be one hormonal rant!  I’m very strict about my way of eating, and how I stick to my cruciferous vegetables, eggs, butter, bacon, ect.  But ughhh hormonal changes can be a real pain and ooooh I need something good.  I won’t lie, I need a fat piece of chocolate cake or pistachio ice cream.  And men, you will not understand our feminine hormonal changes, so stop shaking your heads.

What are we going to do, my female keto sisters?!  Until we hit menopause, there’s nothing we can do when every month we get these hormonal changes, our glucose goes up, we’re irratable and need to eat anything chocolate!  What’s rough for me is how I’m totally able to control what I eat all the time EXCEPT this “time”.  Yes, I’m one of those women who dots her I’s and crosses her T’s, but I have no idea what to do each month.  And I always cave!  Not crazy cave, but like I’ll eat salted peanuts.  I know, oh no the horror of it all!  Sheesh.  But honestly, it takes every piece of strength I have to avoid anything with sugar or carbs.  And yes, I do see them as poison, but wow, these times I just don’t want to care!

And what stinks is that those someecards-2cravings are fooling us; Have you tried eating an M&M after being in ketosis for 3 months?!  Bleh!  That tastes NOTHING like chocolate.  It tastes TOO sweet and immediately I want to spit it out.  Not to mention that within a few hours, my arms are itchy and red!  Yeah, SUGAR DOES THAT.  Meanwhile, I’m still craving something sweet!  Lol I can’t win!

Yesterday I drank a large glass of my go-to dessert, a coconut milk shake but now I have no more coconut milk!  Noooooo!  I buy at least 12 cans of organic coconut milk every month, so I have no idea who I’m out.  But here I am, irritated, craving something sweet, hormonal and oh yeah, very irritated.  And today, I’ll just have to move past it with watching a new show and eating some hot chicharones.

No, I’m not going to cave and have any sweets as I’ve worked much too hard to do something so easily rectified.  There have been countless moments like this that I just simply have a coconut shake and the craving goes away.  Sometimes I have no coconut milk and I simply take my MCT oil and take a warm bath.

With all of this being said, I’ve decided that in the near future I will be putting myself under a grand experiment concerning my migraines.  The hypothesis?  Is eating the ketogenic way REALLY what is preventing my migraines and what would happen if I ate normally?  More details to come!


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