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The Keto-er & The Scale Obsession

Well ladies and gents, once again I’m having one of those “scale” moments that we all fall for and I’ve already covered in a blog earlier this month.  I’ve spoken and written ad nauseam about how we need to focus on our measurements or the way our clothes fit us rather than the scale.  But I am getting sucked back into the scale panic again!  Nooooo! It’s ingrained into our brains from birth that we women MUST lose our minds on the scale and I’m bothered at fighting this old habit.

Let me give you a little bit of a background for myself; I gave birth to our 5th child this last summer of 2016 and after 2 weeks of giving birth, I plateaued… 205 lbs.  I’ve never plateaued at that much before in my life!  At 160 yes, maybe 180 and that was still pushing it!  But 205 lbs?!!  For 3 months the scale didn’t move and I cried because I was breastfeeding and I’m one of those women who GAINS weight when nursing; we’re all different, imagine that!  But I stuck to a progressive form of keto (yes to heavy creams, cheeses, coffee, ect.) and slowly the weight began to come off.  SLOWWWWWLY.

In October I took my measurements and decided that I had to keep my eyes on the keto way of life and not whatever that stupid scale was telling me.  And wow I’m so glad I did. Because while the scale was slowly creeping down, my measurements didn’t fluctuate and send me into a panic!  The measuring saved me from my own feelings of inadequacy.

My personal stats since July of 2016 – Loss of 13.75″ & 22.5 lbs!

As you can see in the picture above, my stats during the first month barely changed as far as my weight was concerned and yet my inches were clearly going down.  I lost 5 inches overall and yet my weight was nearly the same for that entire month.  Something was definitely going on in spite of what the scale said.

Another lesson I learned very early on in starting keto was to take my blood sugar!  I don’t know if it’s 421dd565-8d12-48d8-beab-f888edfcdd2enecessary or not, but in my case diabetes does run through my family so I didn’t want to be putting all of this effort in and not know that I had high glucose.  My readings here (with dates) showed me that I was good to go in that department!  I do recommend testing your fasting glucose (aka, first thing in the morning BEFORE eating) even if you’re not sure whether or not you could have insulin resistance.  You may appear perfectly healthy and have some major glucose problems that are hindering keto adaption.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get over what the scale says, but I won’t hide that I really can’t stand how it affects me and obviously affects so many keto-ers out there.  We have really got to stop the cycle of worrying about what those numbers are because when it truly comes down to it, our weight number will not keep us happy.  It’s is absolutely a temporary joy and if you have too much salt or it’s that “time” for you ladies, oh goodness the tears just come pouring down.  And then you post it publicly!  “I lost 10 lbs last week and I’ve gained 6 back in one day!”  Did you really think that was fat you lost?  If you lose too much too quick, number 1 that is NOT fat loss, it’s most likely water or even muscle; hello gluconeogenesis!  ((Stop eating so much protein!!!  That’s a whole other blog!))

PLEASE ladies and gents, let’s just measure!  It’ll keep us all sane especially on those days when the scale won’t agree with ouw new, lower jean size.


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