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Keepin’ It Keto Post Surgery

I’m back!!!  I didn’t post or update my blog for the last week and a half because I had periodontal surgery and have been recouping at home.  I didn’t give a head’s up because it’s a medical thing and well, it’s MY business.  However, I did keep track of my keto numbers and glucose just to see what would happen immediately following my surgery. And my post surgery did include Percocet (for the pain) and amoxicillin.

The first answer to the question in mind is YES, I did stay keto!  This wasn’t easy since I couldn’t eat anything except mushy things so I had to get creative!  I used bone broth and cooked down several heads of cauliflower; very mashed potato-y tasting!  My husband also made me several meals that were keto; egg drop soup, ect.

Top-Bottom: 2 days prior to surgery, day after surgery & 4 days post surgery.

As you can tell by the picture of my results, days prior to surgery my ketone & glucose looked wonderful!  Nothing too high or too low.  The day after surgery, same thing, great ketones and blood sugar nice!  Four days post surgery, the ketones are awesome and blood sugar just staying steady in the 70’s.

These are very awesome results from this little science experiment I did on myself.  I really wasn’t sure how or if the surgery would affect my ketones.  I thought perhaps my cortisol (stress hormone) would go up and knock me out of ketosis, but then again, I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years, so maybe my body is just keto adapted.  And higher cortisol levels doesn’t seem to do much to my ketones as they once did.  Maybe the cortisol wasn’t raised that much from the surgery.  Lol who knows!

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.29.34 AM.png
Today’s current stats: 3/3/17

Whatever the case is, I know that I’m able to endure a surgery.   I am able to take both Percocet for pain as well as amoxicillin and neither affect my glucose or ketones.  These results in my humble opinion, are great news.

I’m constantly seeing how keto is so good for my health.  Not just for being migraine-free, but hormones are very balanced, ph balance is great (pink gums!), but I’ve also lost quite a few inches in the last five months.  And that particular blog is coming up soon!


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