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The Keto Way of Life 

Until recently I had no idea where this blog was going to take me.  I’ve never been a blogger, known any personally and the very idea of sharing personal health info over the internet is quite daunting.  But then I received a message from a friend that had the words, “…and I was reading your blog and I think it might work for me too.”  Seriously?!  First off, I had no idea that anyone I knew personally even read my blog but also took something positive away from it.  I then received several more messages during my post op weeks that were also encouraging. I remember when I started my instagram and suddenly I began pointing out articles, movies and books on keto to total strangers who are now keto and thriving healthfully.

So what’s the point of doing keto if we can’t help others who are trying to get healthy?  I’m not talking about cosmetic “weight loss”, I mean REAL positive health changes.  I’m not knocking if you, the reader are trying to shed a few lbs, but let’s be real, at some point you’re going to go back to carbs!  If you’re a no-holds-barred keto-er, you’re going to be a lifer.  Once a person gets a taste (pun intended) of life without the aches, pains, stomach aches, acne, weight gain, hormonal problems, etc, there’s just no going back.  The REAL point of keto is health. Period. 

I guess the next question for someone in my case is, what’s next?  If you’re a keto-er who’s not new to the game, start helping!  You may already have empathy for our non-energized neighbors, but you’re holding on to some pretty awesome info that may possibly help them. Like your neighbor with diabetes or your friend with PCOS.  Encourage folks to do their research and talk to their doctors about it.  Every day we’re learning more about the human body and what it’s all been created for.  It’s kind of awesome when you think that GOD made some very natural answers to tough questions for our body’s functionality. 

Will keto work for everyone?  I don’t know.  Some folks say it doesn’t work for them but are they being strict?  Did they eat the wrong things like cheeses?  Heavy creams?  Coffee?  I read about people eating them all and those things aren’t what works for me. I’d never be in keto while consuming any of them, so I’m strict. Keto works for me in keeping me migraine-free, so it doesn’t hurt to try right?  And again, make sure you’re keeping your neuro/primary doctor(s) informed of any dietary changes. ESPECIALLY if you’re on medications!  Always check with your doctor. She/he at the very least will keep a log of your successes, failures and future challenges. 


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