Vacation + Sugar/Carbs = Migraine

Well, it happened. I’m shocked and extremely disappointed in myself. After being keto for almost 3 years, I foolishly thought that maybe I could cut loose on vacation and nothing would happen. Wow. I was wrong.

Using Sophia Petrillo’s voice: Picture it, Lowes on March 16th at 12:10pm. I’d decided to ventured out with just our oldest teenager to pick up some home goods. As I’d just taken a little video of a cool door, I saw it; the twinkle.  No. Oh please, no.  I quickly closed my eyes, hoping it was nothing, but when I reopened them, I could see my aura bright and clear.  No. No. No.  I told our oldest, who grew up with me this way daily, quickly jumped to my aid and helped me to the front of the store and buy corn chips; these pills hate an empty stomach.  We made it out to our truck and we got in, put on the radio, I took my pill and inhaled half the bag of chips.  It was very cloudy, however my eyeballs swore someone was shining a search light directly in my face. I wanted to cry but I know better as it’ll only make the pain 10 times worse.  My oldest kept reassuring me it’ll be alright.  My eyes watered. How many times have we been through this together, Little Dude?  (Little he’s not at 6ft tall, but he’s always my baby.) 

As we sat together quietly listening to the radio and praying together, I thought about how upset I was that my migraine-free streak was broken.  But I’m a migraineur, darn it. THIS is what happens to us.  So, I made a speech-to-text note of what was happening:

3/16/17 @ 12:17pm:  “I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes and my aura still will not go away. The light shining is insanely painful and my neck is beyond sti. Stiff and sore. I must eat Fritos corn chips to soothe my stomach to be ready for the pill I’ve just taken and if I don’t eat those super high carbohydrate chips I will end up being extremely nauseous and vomiting from the pill. And then awful side of that is that these are very high carb carbohydrate chips and I will quite possibly have another migraine because I am eating them. I am in migraine Hades.”

The question you’re asking is, why did I have an attack. The answer; I FELL OFF THE KETO WAGON.  Ugh.  Yes, I’m still kicking myself for it. So what happened?

The rundown: On March 10th, I left home and headed to a quiet place a few hours from home to relax and just enjoy the quietness without cell phones, internet and just soak in the wilderness. Upon arriving to our secluded cabin, I decided that it would be ok to eat some of the sugary peanuts that had been purchased. It’s just peanuts…with sugar caked on. The next day I let a little more loose and allowed myself an1/2 glass of sweet red wine, followed by hotdogs and burgers (with ketchup) cooked on the grill. Then on the 3rd day fried chicken, fried onions and who knows what else but it was battered and fried. The 4th day we drove home and again, battered and fried chicken. Then the day after coming home, battered and fried chicken and onion rings. Wow, why am I shocked?! Ugh.

Praise GOD I had my (Tylenol 3) pills and took them as soon as I did.  The brain pain and neck stiffness ended up being tolerable, but not unbearable like it normally is.  I know I’ll need to get back on Relpax since I obviously am still getting them if I fall off the keto wagon.  

Let’s hope that this only strengthens my ability to say no to sugar and fried foods from restaurants. 

Yeah, I know.  It’s rough.  But I’m back on the wagon again. 


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