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Fighting Breast Cancer With The Ketogenic Diet

I waited a few days to post this blog as it is an interview I did as she with a personal friend and sister-in-Christ of mine who’s currently battling cancer using the ketogenic way of eating.  Cancer affects so many people, yet watching her and so many others be so brave is both amazing and heartbreaking.   Maybe someday this battle will be preventable, but until then, soldier on sisters and brothers.  ((big hugs))


What type of cancer do you have and when did you find out you had it? Breast cancer and we found the lump in October 2015.

Melissa 🙂  Currently battling breast cancer with the ketogenic way of eating.
What made you decided to go keto in order to fight it? My nutritionist recommended the restricted diet to help in our fight to kill this cancer. A low protein high healthy fat diet has been proven to help boost the immune system and kill inflammation to help the body heal itself as God has intended.

What does your daily food, water intake and regimen consist of? Vitamins and/or minerals? I start each day with my smoothie (around 11 or 12 as I do intermittent fasting) My smoothie consists of a plant protein powder, chia seeds, avocado, stevia, Matcha powder, Maca powder, Max Greens, Ketone Powder, Cacao powder and vitamin C. I follow-up with my vitamin D drops along with probiotics. Since my smoothie is so late in the day I don’t really have a lunch but may munch on some Organic granny smith apples and almond butter or some organic seaweed snacks. For dinner I make sure that my meal has a majority fat like in avocados and very little protein. Protein is usually in the form of a soft-boiled egg, or nuts. I rarely eat meat and if I do it is about every other week or so. Animal proteins have been shown to be inflammatory and so I have to avoid them to keep my immune system strong to kill this cancer . I have some magnesium, iodine and selenium capsules I take to help me keep up with my required nutrients as I have been showing low in those areas.

Do you do any form of exercise? I make sure to do high intensity short burst work outs to force oxygen into my blood as cancer cells can’t live in an oxygenated environment. These workouts are only 12 minutes in duration but are very rigorous. They can be done without any equipment so can be done at home if you are self-motivated enough.

Are your doctors involved your decision to try the ketogenic way of eating and if so, what are their feelings on it? I have amazing doctors walking me through this journey each step of the way. They are the ones that put me on this diet. They are really big into the 5 essentials of healing and diet is just one of them. What we put into our body is so vitally important in all areas of health. Choosing the right foods and diet is a necessity of you want to beat any kind of disease including Cancer. Our believe is that Cancer isn’t actually the disease but the symptom of a diseased body. Getting to the cause of what allowed the cancer to grow is our main goal. A toxic diet and lifestyle led me to this journey and I own 100% responsibility for my part.

What has your experience been like so far? This has been a long journey. It is not quick or easy. I have many friends who don’t believe in what I’m doing and have since pulled away. They are convinced that traditional methods are the only way to treat this. It can be lonely but ultimately it has brought my family closer with God and each other. I have become closer with people I hardly knew before and have found allies in the most unlikely places. I would not change this for the world. I have not had any stays in the hospital, have not lost my hair and have not been near death due to the side effects of toxic treatments. If giving up what were my favorite foods and a few friends is all I have to deal with, that is a win in my book. 

What would you say to other cancer patients who are new to keto or who are looking into it with their doctors and are unsure at this way of eating? I would honestly ask anyone who is faced with this to please do the research. You don’t have to check your brain at the door. It isn’t “google science” There is proven benefits to this new diet and lifestyle.  Even if you don’t choose to forgo the traditional treatments as I have, you can still make your body stronger to withstand the effects of traditional treatments. So you can bounce back quicker and give your body a fighting chance.

Melissa and her beautiful family.


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