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Good Keto News & Not So Good Health News

Well, it’s been several weeks since my last blog and a lot has happened with my health. Not necessarily all bad, but not great.   The good news is that I’m pretty healthy and have kept it strict keto (except for 2 occasions where I ate fried chicken, ugh!) and physically I feel great.  Now, for the not-so-good news; something is going on with my reproductive system.  In a few weeks I’ll be going in for a procedure called a hysteroscopy and I’ll be having a biopsy done on my uterus.  Without getting too graphic on my symptoms, I will say that I had a sonogram done and it turns out that something is causing my uterine lining to be 2 1/2 times as thick as it is suppose to be.  The two major possibilities causing it can be either fibroids or cancer.  Obviously I’m praying it’s just fibroids, but I’ll only know for sure in a few weeks.

The question that comes up immediately to me is, will I keep it strict keto?  ABSOLUTELY, YES.  As a matter of fact, regardless of the outcome, I firmly believe that it’s because I’ve been doing strict keto that my symptoms haven’t been much worse.  I actually almost considered not going to get my sonogram because my lack of symptoms!  But I didn’t cancel and so glad I didn’t brush it off.  Keto may be tough on some folks, but for me and my health, it’s been a miracle way of eating and has kept me off medications.  No way would I walk away from it when my body would need it most!

The funny thing is, back in March when I fell of the keto wagon, I did notice that my glucose was acting funny along with my ketones.  I really thought that my vacation “flop” had just damaged me so bad, but as it turns out, my body was really dealing with a major health issue that I just couldn’t see.  FullSizeRenderOne thing that I do know is that I’m very well-tuned with my ketones and if you watch my Instagram closely, my numbers were up in the 2.5 – 5.9.  And that was back in February and hasn’t been the same since.  Obviously, after almost 3 years I didn’t suddenly throw in the towel and say, “Heck with this!  I’m eating donuts from now on.”  Uh, no!  But my ketones have stayed below 1.5 ever since March and nothing else has changed.  Not my eating, not my sleep and not my stress.  Nothing has changed.  So, whatever is happening in my gut is not good.

Whatever the outcome is, I’ll be glad to share it for future keto-ers.  Part of this blog is for those folks who have health problems but who, like me, were afraid of the idea of eating bacon, butter and eggs!  LOL I thought I’d have a heart attack within the first week.  But I didn’t and have had nothing but GOOD results on my health in the years since.

Once I have my procedure done at the end of this month, I’ll post an update.  Hopefully it’ll be all good.  😀


2 thoughts on “Good Keto News & Not So Good Health News

  1. I have a polyp growing on my cervix. I will be having surgery to remove it soon. Plus, since I’m in peri (menopause) my hormones are all over the place and now I’m wondering if it’s all the meat I’m eating on keto (can’t afford grass-fed). :/

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    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through all that! I’m the same; can’t afford the gf meats. My answer is I just eat far less meat. I stick to mostly organic eggs for my protein. I really don’t eat too much; 40-50 grams per day. But that’s for me!


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