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Time To Detox & Keto On! 

Rather than going on, and on about the details details that covers the last four weeks, I’m just going to give a brief description on what’s happened.  Basically last month I had gone in for a regular check up and had to have an ultrasound done on my uterus. Doing keto has done wonders for my health and so I was shocked to learn that my uterine lining was twice as thick as it should be. No I am not pregnant, I am 11 months postpartum.  But the results of my hysteroscopy showed that I had no fibroids and one small polyp had to be removed. The biopsy that was performed on my uterus indicated nothing and I am in all instances perfectly healthy.

Before my hysteroscopy even began I had been for many many years been aware that the majority of my family members who have passed away have died from cancer. With that being said keto is a lot more than just for stopping my migraines.  I am Kido to also prevent cancer or at least slow it down if it does ever show up.  Let’s be real here, I was prepared to hear the worst.  And I didn’t, so hooray!

Once I was told I had to have the hysteroscopy, I begin to do a series organic cleanses.  Unsure what the hysteroscopy was going to show, I started looking up cleansers for the liver, gastrointestinal and kidneys.  Basically a full body cleanse just in case.  Plus I was beginning to wean our child so this was perfect timing.

I cut out almost all meat except bacon, started taking the following for cleanses: activated charcoal, fengugeek, liver support, chelated magnesium, potassium gluconate, salmon oil, Candida cleanse with oregano extract, multivitamin with minerals and plus MCT oil.  I also am adding lemon to my water on a regular basis and doing an organic coffee cleanse/enema twice per week.

After my hysteroscopy results, I was elated but I also realized that whatever I was doing with my cleanses, lol they were doing wonders on me!  Plus, exclusively breastfeeding has always made me retain and even gain weight, so weaning and all this has helped in the long run!

To sum up, I don’t know why my uterine lining is thick but hopefully it’s just temporary and nothing is amiss.  But I’m glad it caused to wake up and do some major cleanses that will heal and jump start some things that could use a good scrub down.  At the end of all this, it’s made me realize that no matter what I do, GOD has a plan and I’m not trippin.  And I will also do my best to at least give myself a fighting chance if things go aray.



2 thoughts on “Time To Detox & Keto On! 

  1. Keto will definitely mess with your lady parts. I’ve always had dysmennorhea, but the first month on keto I was 10 days late, had a miserable period, then the next I was 12 days late and had an even more miserable period. What really, really sucked about it was I was trying to get a Mirena IUD, and my obgyn would only do an insertion if I was on my period. I had to reschedule three times. Finally I just scheduled six weeks out and it all worked out. One month in and Mirena has helped my periods tremendously.

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    1. Wow, I was the opposite. While I never intended keto for me hormonally, I had amenorrhea. My cycles were between 40-90 days apart and even longer sometimes. Once I started strict keto, my cycles are near perfect at 28-29 days apart. I quit using IUD’s several years ago to have a couple of bambinos 🙂 Lol and breastfeeding interrupts my cycle, but now that our last is fully weaned, all is well again. Lol.

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