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Cortisol & Times of Change

We all have our times of transition and change.  Marriages, new jobs, moving and so on, we all have these stressful moments or months that can physically take a huge toll on ourselves without us even noticing.  However, if you happen to be testing your glucose during one of these uber-stressful times, oh you’ll DEFINITELY see a difference; hello 95 mm first thing in the morning!  Yikes!

Exactly one year ago I went through several major life changes.  Our family went from living a military family life of being on the move and separated for several months at a time, to a retired and stable civilian life.  We’d also had another child, our 5th and little giggly surprise from GOD.  And then we moved from one state to another after living over a decade in the same area.  These changes all occurred within about a month of each other and nothing was settled as we began house-hunting & job hunting immediately.  The job came after several months and finally, the home….home sweet home.

As I look at the cardboard boxes that surround me now, I’m blown away at the hard work I accomplished with 5 children and an awesome husband and somehow I managed to keep it keto and my migraine attacks were minimal.   How I didn’t have a ton of severe migraines during our move is baffling.  But I know that while boxing and unboxing, no attacks has everything to do with me keeping it STRICT keto.  And let’s be real, I honestly don’t know how I didn’t cave at the offer during one of our MANY pizza orders!  LOL.  I seriously managed to get ahold of some delicious Kerrygold butter, organic eggs and hot sauce at times and just chow down. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it!  LOL.

But yes, I have noticed that my stress has been on the upper end of the spectrum for quite a while and I can feel it.  I literally feel the effects of cortisol in my stomach!  The best way I can describe it is that feeling you get after running.  Somewhat out of breath, feeling rushed but not energetic, butterflies in the stomach and a dry throat.  It’s not terrible or painful, but wow it’s quite noticeable.

In any case, I can’t change my circumstances but now that things have calmed and life is slowly settling, my cortisol should calm quite a bit.  Every day, when I have a few minutes, I find a quiet place to just pray and breathe.  Things are getting better and I’m very grateful.  We’re healthy, safe and have a place to call home that we will never have to move out of again.

And hallelu-Yah to that!


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