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I know I don’t talk about weight loss too much on this blog, because (1) I’m doing keto for my severe, chronic migraine prevention and (2)….well, I haven’t had much success lately.  ‘How is this possible?’, I’m sure you’re (as well as I’m) asking.  Well, let’s see…

Yes, I’m struggling with my weight.  My scale has been stuck between 178-184ish for months.  I’m seriously irritated about it!  When I first began keto, the diet-scale-000001667800-940x671weight melted off. It was fabulous!  I literally dropped 20 lbs in about 6 months.  I was so relieved that something actually worked.  Then, I plateaued and the weight went back on in about 6 months.  I was beyond upset.  I didn’t change what I was eating AT ALL!  And every week that scale kept going up.  Then I got pregnant with our 5th (surprise) child and I gained then lost 40 lbs.  So here I am, keto-ing and still at around 182 lbs.  What. The. Heck. Ugh!!!

I’ve been doing keto for 3 years and let’s be honest, it is a pain in the behind at times. Keto-ers have to watch every single thing we eat, drink, etc.  And then there’s the proper sleep, intermittent fasting, eating timing, vitamins intake, etc.  The list is almost endless 888639b535d99236c0df441262ad877f_XLfor us!  It can be exceedingly tedious and downright ridiculous at times. But we keep going.  And going.  For someone like me, I do it to prevent migraines, but a little less fat would be nice too.  No. I take that back.  I friggin deserve A LOT LESS fat!   I’ve worked hard, so why is it still attached to me?!  What’s worse is that I don’t have an answer.  Not for me and not for you.  Who knows what’s going on with me or why this is happening.  But ask someone who’s done keto and NOT lost weight.  Trust me, it happens.  But how?  Who knows.  It did work in the beginning, but while my body has adapted and is producing ketones, something else is going on.  And I wish I knew what.

Honestly, something is wrong with my health.  I have no idea what it is, but the symptoms of hypothyroidism & high estrogen have been a long, quiet rumble and now they’re too loud for me to ignore.  I’ll be getting a full blood panel in the next few weeks and although I’m excited to finally be doing this, I’m nervous about what the doctors are going to find.  I’ve gone gluten free, then keto and have worked so unbelievably hard at all of this that I feel like I just can’t take any more bad news.  I’m proactive, yes, but I can’t add any more proverbial plates to the 20 I’m currently spinning.

I’m going to try to remain optimistic about all of this and just roll with whatever happens.  At least I’ll have my answers, right?  Well, hopefully I will.


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