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Seeing Stars And The Sugar Connection

As a 3 year veteran of the keto way of life, I’ve had my fair share of falling off the sugary wagon.  Yes, I know better and yes MOST of the time I’m completely capable of turning 
Inscriptiondown yet another piece of cake at a party.  However, when I’m hormonal all of my good sense just gets packed into a mental cabinet for a few days and I cave with something sweet.  This month it’s been trail mix.  Aka, chocolate and caramel morsels with an occasional nut or raisin.  Again, I’m a strict keto-er but when the hormones take over my tastebuds, I’m weak.

So, this month something happened that’s actually happened quite a few times and I hadn’t been able to quite nail down the reason of what was causing it; seeing stars.  Now, people see stars sometimes from just standing up too fast, but I’m pretty active and that’s 9256831816_d61c364d27_onot something I’ve had to deal with.  But I was standing and having a conversation in the late afternoon when it happened.  Just stars and I immediately sat down out of fear that I could possibly faint.  And although I didn’t pass out, I was really curious why this oddity was happening again.  And then like a cartoon, my proverbial lightbulb lit and I realized that I’d just consumed a ton of trail mix; aka chocolates with some nuts.  And that the previous time I’d seen stars was when I was standing also and I’d just consumed some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies made with lots of sugar.  Ding ding ding!  We have a loser!  lol.

I’ve been seeing ‘stars’ occasionally, but more especially in the years prior to starting keto.  Along with my regular grand-mal migraines, I’ve also suffered from cluster, ocular& tension migraines.  Yeah.  I’m NOT kidding.  My suffering was growing worse and worse these past 10 years and this raise my perseverance to find something to prevent all of these attacks.  When I tell you, the reader, that I’m “all in” when it comes to keto, I have a very good reason!  Of course, when I behave.  Ugh. Anonymous_VS_4_en

The type of stars I’m seeing are small variation of 2 kinds: typical stars & a single “shooting” star with a flash that temporarily & partially impairs my vision.  Now, in the first case of seeing shooting stars, I see them for a few seconds and they go away rather quickly.  However, in the second case when I see the single star, it starts moving slowly then quickly, then slowly again across my vision.  When it’s done, the area that the star moved around suddenly flashes as if someone took a very bright flash photo of just that area.  Immediately, I have to close my eyes as the ‘flash’ completely blocks my vision and I cannot see past it and any light entering my eyes is somewhat painful.  It’s almost like looking at the sun too long, but worse and it lasts for several minutes.

Whatever is going on, I have the feeling that keto is something I will have to stay with as long as I’m able to if I want to live any kind of normal life.  I’ll fall off the wagon when the hormones come or when life is so beautifully migraine-free that I’ll think, “What the heck?  Why not?!” then eat something fabulous made with bread and sugar.  And yes, I’ll be kicking myself as I’m laying down with my eyes covered, praying to GOD that my meds will work in time before my aura finishes.  And I’ll promise myself and GOD that I won’t eat that again…..until I just can’t help it again in a few months.

So, until the next weak moment arrives, here I type healthy, no pain, regular hormones and a keto-er.  Por vida.


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