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Migraine Attack *Live Blog*

Well, it’s happening.  Again.  I just came out of my room and I’m barely able to see again and decided I needed to record what is happening in real time.

As I stood up in my room, I got up and realized immediately that I am trembling.  My home, which was perfectly temperatured prior to my aura starting, now feels as cold as ice.  So, against anyone else’s comfort, I turned the heater on.  That was 10 minutes ago and I’m still trembling.  I actually feel the creaks in my joints.  I hate this.

I made some food as the meds (that I just took) are not agreeing with my stomach.  And I normally love a spinach salad with avocado and blue cheese, my tastebuds hated it immediately.  I tried to keep eating it but it just tasted foul.  I prayed to GOD that all of these attacks will someday be for His good, and I cried as I trembled.  I just feel so helpless.  It seems I can do nothing to fix any of this.

All the lights are off and my family copes with it so politely and never turns on a light, and they even wait to turn it on when they enter a room after they shut the door.  As I’m typing this onto my computer, it’s quite dim and is at it’s lowest setting. which is seem to hurt my eyes still.  The heater is kicked on and I still feel so cold.  My meds kicked in, but my brain is still sore.  And the trembling… I hate this.

Each time I stand or move, I feel dizzy immediately. And I also feel my heartbeat painfully in my skull. The meds have worked, but every migraineur knows that it’s not a cure all. It’ll curb the brunt, but the leftovers may last for days. The fact that I’m not curled up in ball on my bathroom floor is another miracle. Nausea, yes. Pain, yes. Doomed, no.


I wrote this at 10am this morning right after my aura finally went away and I could see again. And I subsequently vomited only once, praise GOD. If this is going to be like last month, I’ll be having several migraines leading up to my ovulation date.  Which leads me to believe that having one ovary (after removal of one in 2011) may be causing me to having higher estrogen and sending me into menopause sooner.  Which will stink if it’s true.  Last month I had 5 attacks in the days leading up to ovulating, so I’m going to need to prepare myself if this is the case again.  Definitely going to need some more meds.


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