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A New Year’s Journey!

Exactly one year ago this month, I started this blog to expand the vocal discussion on the ketogenic way of life and how it’s positively affected my chronic migraine attacks.  To say that it’s been positive would be a drastic understatement.  As a matter of fact it’s only opened my eyes to the realization that more and more people are turning to being proactive in their own lives to prevent attacks via dietary changes.  I’ve had messages of hope, encouragement, help and sometimes helplessness.  I’m so glad to be able to share my ups, downs & struggles with migraineurs and their loved ones.

I’m really curious as to what 2018 will bring for me, a keto-lifer.  Will I have the same seasonal struggles I’ve repeated had; poor sleep & falling off the sugar wagon every hope,-arrow,-sign-168016now and then?   Will I really put my effort into holding on to keto for my dear brain?!  Lol, I hope so as it’s been working wonderfully so far.  I really do hope and pray that this year is the year that will be a marker for me and keto becomes an old habit for me.  I also hope that I’ll take my workouts much more seriously and not find excuses to have foods I know raise my glucose and will inevitably kick me out of ketosis.

Yes, I’m a keto lifer but even I know that as far as migraines are concerned, keto doesn’t work for everyone as we’re all made wonderfully different; albeit the same basic parts, but yet so different in our fine tuning.  And that’s where the self-experimentation I keep repeating is so vitally important.  And just to be clear, when I write, “keto” or “ketogenic”, I’m not talking about the REAL version of keto; healthy/grass-fed/organic animal fats (brown meat of chicken, lard, eggs, uncured bacon), grass-fed beef bone broth, cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, ect).  Along with keeping a descent sleep schedule (using blue light blockers & bed by 9pm), doing time-under-tension workouts, lowering my cortisol (aka, stress hormone) by eliminating things that raise my stress; caffeine (ugh, that’s a hard one!) and de-stressing.

So, it’s almost 2018 and as a blogger of a disease that effects more than 37 million 240_f_107360802_huu2agvijyjg14jsggrmwm9rylmblvaspeople in the United States alone, I can’t imagine leaving this discussion.  As a chronic sufferer in the top 2% of severity, I’m very grateful to have a voice in what I’ve suffered through.  And prayerfully someday, all the blogs and forums out there will be studied to find our ultimate cure.


Have a happy New Year!!!  To all the keto newbies & veterans, May our ups be our joys & downs be our strength builders.  And for you newbie keto folks out there, just 2016-03-17-21.15.45remember, every day is a do-over!  A new dawn is a new chance to get it right again.

Don’t give up!


Cheers to 2018!



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