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Keto + Exercise = AWESOME!

Like every seasoned & serious keto-er, I promised myself (again) that I would begin working out and stick with it!  And as many of you already know, starting to workout 1_cdhOKo1-7-VbZfA4WVCXGQis easy.  However it is the continuing to exercise that’s difficult.  I’ve started so many times that I’ve lost count.  My excuses have ranged from post-workout soreness, to PMS and sometimes just being too exhausted.  I have a full plate of work every single say, so my excuses are truly valid!  But, my glutes needed me to finally get serious….and I have.

For the past two months (beginning December 1st), I challenged myself to get in a minimum of 3-4 workouts in per week; using both the Virtual Trainer App & my downloadunnamedtreadmill (though I’m a bigger fan of running out in the wide open!).  And aside from a couple of migraines or family illnesses that one can never avoid, I’ve done it!  With the help of a sister-in-Christ, I’ve stayed focused on exercising for my health.

My gains:  First, YES, I really do love burpees!  I’ve done them quite a bit over the years, so lol, I do actually enjoy them….seconds afterward of course.  Jogging speed has improved from 4.7 mph to 5.7 mph, catching my “wind” at 6 mph; wind aka, runner’s high.  My leg day has gone from 35 seconds per set to 40 seconds per set.  And my upper body isn’t as sore any more, lol.
My losses: I’m not keen to weighing myself (as I’ve posted before), but my clothes are all definitely getting looser.  Oh and my knee, which I injured about 4 years ago, has strengthened up enough to stop stiffening up!  Yay!

As far as my migraines are concerned, well I’ve had only 2 in the past 82 days UMH_C_BEAUTYSLEEP_0.  And the two that occurred, I believe, were the result of dehydration and exhaustion as I had been overexerting myself.   And also, both happened less than 35 hours apart.  And I believe my strict ketogenic lifestyle (sticking to consuming organic or grass-fed animal products only), suppressed my regularly reoccurring ovulation migraines; my estrogen is no longer so high now.

All in all, I’ve maintained a healthy workout schedule with help from a wonderful friend (thank you, Angel!) and I’ve kept a realistic standard of keto to keep my migraines at bay.  Yes, I do fall!  But honey, I get back up!  No success story EVER has a perfect start to finish.  It’s filled with tons of mistakes, broken promises and do-overs.  So, if today wasn’t great, oh well.

Tomorrow is a brand new day to begin again!  Let’s do this! (cue the rock music!)



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