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Major Migraine Attack

Now that my mind is someone what coming out of it’s migraine-induced haze, I’m realizing that the attack I began enduring early on Tuesday was one that should (in reality) have put me in the emergency room.  I’ve been in the hospital for far less pain. It was bad, folks. I mean BAD.

As I type this, the aftershocks of pain and soreness continue to reverberate through my body.  The brightness on my screen (even at it’s lowest) is still painful for my eyes.  I have the “night” setting on so that it makes everything have a sepia tone and removes the blue light as well. Oh and did I mention that I caught sinusitis as well just this morning?? Yeah. Greaaaat.

I mean wow, I just started my monthly (sorry, guys), so enduring cramps all day was bad enough when my aura began on Tuesday. But then once I began to see straight again last night (Wednesday), I realized I was quite congested with sinus pain and it began to be painful to breathe too deep. What a nightmare.

It’s now Thursday afternoon and I’m all over the daytime alka seltzer and my head is in a migraine/sinus flu haze. It’s very odd. I almost feel like my brain has taken a holiday off and left me in the zoo. I know that I shouldn’t be making any major decisions right now as I’ll inevitably regret buying large tubs of Nutella off Amazon. Or speaking to anyone I love; yes, your thighs look (fabulously) thick in those jeans. See? Not a good idea for anything today.

*Update* It’s now Sunday night and my head has finally cleared up from Tuesday’s ordeal. And I literally spent all week going in between my migraine fog and sinusitis. I couldn’t tell which was affecting me more most of the time. But now I’m just sick with sinusitis and THAT I can deal with. My vision is still jacked up, but you all know what I’m dealing with so I don’t need to get into it too much.

As I get older and my attacks still hover over my life almost 20 years later, I’m feeling the long term effects. Not just on my brain, but my body. It’s really taken it’s toll over the years. My eyesight just is bad, especially at night. My tolerance for pain has weakened significantly over the years and I feel like what I once could just breathe through, I’m now clutching my pillow and crying in the dark. And yes, crying makes the pain worse.

Who knows when or if these will ever finally stop. I don’t think I’ll ever live as well as I do on keto; it’s the only thing stopping my attacks other than the hormonal ones. If it weren’t for keto, I’d be a chronic migraineur STILL. But I’m praying that menopause will put an end to the rest of them. Praying. Just praying.

Presentation courtesy of Diamond Headache Clinic


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