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Going Organic

During this past summer I’d decided to introduce organic only meat products into my diet. This decision was a big one since organic meats are very expensive. But I decided to do it and have stuck with it ever since. The results have been tremendous.

First my skin cleared up right away. I’ve fought off pimples since high school and wow, I look quite refreshed these days. And since I haven’t eaten sugar in ages and drink only water, well my skin is very clear.

I’ve also noticed that my hair began growing back. It was falling out to the point that I began wearing hair extensions. I felt practically bald the past 2 years and still have no idea what could cause such dramatic hair loss.

I’m still having monthly migraines (hormonal), but that seems to be all. For now at least.

This blog is short this time, but a lot is going on with my health. It may be time to change things up and reset.

Stay tuned & GOD bless you!


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