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From Keto to Vegetarian?

For the past 19 years, I’ve had to reconcile myself to the fact that I have a brain disease that I’ll never recover from.  Not only that, but the medical community, who have gotten better over the past 10 years, are only beginning to listen to migraineurs as REAL migraine-m6izskoddudye83gytzwaohjszxwawz81bki6h8tw8sufferers of severe pain.  I have to forgive the past nurses and doctors who ignored me while I was crying in pain and puking into trash cans in ER’s at 3am.  And all these years later while trying to remain proactive in self-healing, I still am weary that I have a VERY high chance of having a stroke at some point.  While this all sounds quite sad, to me, it only makes me thank GOD for every day I’m able to live normally.

And what it all boils down to is this, is keto still working for me?  In my self-experimentation, I’m not quite sure it has.  I personally have noticed repeatedly that sugar & gluten have both been a MAJOR triggers for my attacks and since quitting both, my attacks have dramatically been reduced.   But was keto to blame?  Not necessarily.  Not when I quit sugar at the exact same time.

Last month, I began an experiment of coming off keto and going vegetarian to see if it made any difference.  And guess what, still no migraines!  I still had my monthly open-uri20121113-31818-1v94tr0hormonal migraine but I always have those, even while in nutritional ketosis.  But things improved GREATLY in my digestion as I literally could not “go” at all anymore.   I’d eat kale and a lot of cruciferous veggies to no avail.  Lots of water, ACV, and every other recommendation for us keto-ers.  But as soon as I went vegetarian, my gut has been so happy!

I’ll have to be even more honest now, the past year and a half have been awful as I just couldn’t get healed from several ailments, including my hair falling out and my gut not digesting properly.  I also couldn’t lose ANY weight.  And yes, I WAS in nutritional ketosis.  And yes, I drank plenty of water, ACV, grass-fed beef bone broth, ate tons of high fiber veggies and only organic meat and fat products.  If it’s strict keto, I was doing it!  But my body just doesn’t like keto anymore.

So, I’m here to say that keto is over for the time being.   I’m still very much an advocate for it and someday I’ll do it again.  It’s been really great for my health, but I have to listen to my body and change things up again.  Which for someone who’s eclectic in all of my preferences as I am, I find it hilarious that my own body changes it’s own mind as well.


Cheers!  And may GOD bless you all!


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