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Keto & Hormones: Working Like a Clock!

My body’s question: What way of eating will work well for me?  Self-experimentation is VITAL to answering this question for each and every one of us.  What works for me may or may NOT work for you.  Maybe keto IS the answer for you.  Or maybe it’s vegan!  Who knows.  Keep moving forward until you can answer this question!

During my hiatus off keto there were a ton a negative symptoms that had popped up image-20160317-30222-374nl5telling me my body was not okay. Acne all over and all the time, my gums went from a lovely/healthy pink back to purple, PMS was bad and the worst was that my menstruation cycle was irregular.

Before I continue, for the first 35 years of my life, I had the absolute worst cycle. It ranged from 33 days to 90 days. It could be 50 days one cycle, then 78 the next and then maybe 40 the following. Yeah, no regularity at all. My PMS was quite strong, mood swings would be all over the place and I NEVER could pinpoint ovulation!

Fast forward to July 2014 when I began my ketogenic journey and wow, right away I had 29-33 day cycles. Suddenly for the first time in my life, my body was like a clock!!  I was literally ovulating in regular intervals and I had all the regular signs and symptoms for the first time in my life… 35 years old.

Now, let me reiterate that my number 1 reason for going strict keto is for my severe grand-mal migraine prevention, however having balanced hormones has been a fantastic surprise for me.  We humans don’t always realize how interlinked our body is!  When one part shuts down, another part must be shut down in order to heal the first.

Hiatus: When I went on hiatus from keto this year in May of 2018, my cycle was the only other thing next to migraines that I was monitoring hardcore. I knew almost immediately that things weren’t going to go well because my skin broke out in painful acne right away; a giveaway that my hormones were once again jacked up. And even still, I waited and stayed eating what’s considered a “healthy”, American diet; 1,200 a day worked-for-me-self-experimentationeating skinless chicken breast, veggie burgers, tons of raw veggies, gluten free/organic breads and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Yeah, my body showed me that it HATES this way of eating. Because my migraines were chronic again, my cycle stopped and my hormones were beyond out of whack.  Not to mention, but I gained 10 lbs without trying.  Since I wasn’t overeating, I’m going to guess that it was water weight as yes, I could feel my fingers and toes regularly swell.

When I went back on keto, it took two months for my cycle to get back to 29 days again. Ieven purchased ovulation test strips to make sure I’m actually ovulating again. And what a BIG sigh of relief to see a positive test strip!  The acne on my face cleared up in about a week and my weight slowly went back down.  And yes, no more migraines once again.


When in nutritional ketosis, my hormones are normal and my severe migraines are gone for weeks at a time.  It’s so amazing not to be SO afraid to leave my home without my pills. Or to be horrified if I see a flashing light for a moment.  I’m able to live like a human being with migraines …. instead of a migraine getting to be a human sometimes.  For someone living with a severe, chronic brain disease, relief to this level is something we only dream of.

And praise GOD, I’ve finally been able answer my body’s question; KETO.

And a big AMEN to that!


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