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Migraineur! Heal Thyself ….With Keto?

To every migraineur who wants a cure for our awful disease, I’m here to declare that many of us have the ability to self-heal! Maybe not fully be cured, but at the very least many of us have the access and freedom to at least prevent migraines via dietary & physical changes. With the internet so full of information (studies, surveys, statistics and bloggers) we can learn and do our own research and self-experiment; along with our neuro!

I was encouraged by my family to start this blog in January 2017 as I’d been keto for a few years by then and could share it with my fellow migraine sufferers. I’d written about tons of other things, but nothing this personal and it’s been sobering. Who’d have thought that I could take control over something that had been controlling me for almost 20 years. Migraines will always have some power over me, but nothing compared to what it use to.

For example, during my chronic migraine years, I literally was on high alert 24/7/365 for that infamous “star” in my visage. I’d be sent into a panic if I couldn’t read something clearly or I saw a bright light. I’d sometimes cry just because I was so fearful that I’d be in so much pain again soon. I’ve never gone through so much pain and so often. I wasn’t living. I was surviving. Just thinking about those years makes my eyes water. It wasn’t just me suffering, but so was my family. I knew I had to be proactive and NOT slack about it.

Right away (in 2007) I started researching studies on grand-mal migraines & grand-mal seizures and how they both react positively to dietary and/or fitness changes. One study had said (in 2007) that a large group tested going gluten free which resulted in a dramatic drop in attacks. Another study the same thing about removing caffeine. And on and on and on. Lots of studies going on, but where were the ones who were trying all this?!

It was from that research that began eliminating different foods from my diet. Gluten free yielded great results; from 3-4 attacks per week, it dropped 3-4 per month! (For some that might sound okay, but for me it was fantastic.) Then I eventually came across (by accident) this interesting thing called keto and the rest is history.

How I first thought about the ketogenic way of eating makes me laugh now. I thought I’d die from a heart filled with butter! Lol. Or at least veins clogged up with it. Ugh lol. I was honestly scared. Fat is suppose to be evil….. and fabulous. Like how gloriously scary was this experiment going to be?! Lol.

Looking back now at all these years of my documented dates of attacks, personal notes and prayers for an answer….it’s bittersweet. I’m saddened for the old me who was so painfully ignorant about the power of prayer and self-reliance that is imbedded in each of our souls. Yet, I’m blissfully happy that I stayed to fight this monster head-on for all of these years and VERY humbled to think I’m able to share my ups and downs with you all. And I can only pray that these blogs will benefit anyone searching for a cure….or at least a little relief.

John 9:3


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