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Keto, Exercise and….No Migraines??!

Question: Does running and/or exercising stop migraine occurrences? If so, what is the science behind it?

Now, before I get into my hypothesis I’d like to state right away that these results are mine and no one else’s. It’s a blessing to have them so PLEASE speak and with your doctors before doing anything to try to prevent migraines.

At the beginning of this past August, I’d hopped back on the keto train AND began training to run my first 1/2 marathon. The first couple of weeks of training were rough, doing 1/2 to 2 mike runs. About the fourth week I moved up to 4-6 miles and so on.

After about 90 days into training (running and strength training), I realized that I hadn’t had a single migraine. Not one. I was both shocked and well….scared.15physed.480 Sometimes no  news is not good news. But I kept up my routine and really paid attention to my brain.

Around the first week of November, I’d began to slack off my training. I missed the gym and only ran about 2 times that whole month. Things had gotten too busy and I just didn’t do any physical exercise at all. And that’s when I got a migraine.

It was 2 days after Thanksgiving and I saw my aura start as I was putting on my gym clothes! I couldn’t believe it, but I was very relieved as well. My neck locked up and I couldn’t see within a minute. I took my meds and began putting Tigerbalm on the back of my neck; trust me, my skin gets hyper-sensitivity and Tigerbalm is AMAZING to calm my locked-up neck muscles. I was always scared to try it during an attack, but wow it has helped so much.

It is now January 6 and I have not had any migraines since the last one after strongbrainThanksgiving. I have continued working out and running on a regular basis since then. And I’m still perplexed as to why I am not getting my regular monthly migraine during ovulation.

Unfortunately, this blog post is going to have to end here as I still need to do my research as to the science behind why my migraines pretty much stopped now that I’m keto and exercising regularly. Is it blood flow? Is it more oxygen to the blood? Who knows. But I’m definitely going to find out.

Cheers & GOD bless you all in the new year!


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