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Keto: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Results)

In the past 4 1/2 years since I began my ketogenic journey, I’ve literally come across hundreds of newbie keto-ers who (for one reason or another) expect a lot. Why? I understand that we all want a quick fix for our problems, but when it comes down to our bodies, well science is law. Does that mean you or I can’t get fast results from keto? Well, that depends on what your definition of keto is. Are you talking about the short term “trendy” versions of keto? With their so-called “carb-up” days and sugar-free foods? Or have you actually done your research and found TRUE keto, with lots of dark leafy green cruciferous veggies, organic and grass-fed fats and meats, organic stevia only, getting good sleep, working out regularly and seeing your numbers (blood glucose and weight/inches) change slowly but permanently?


What we expect from our bodies and what we fill them with will be our answer!  If I was to say put engine oil in the gas tank of my vehicle, will it run or will it destroy it?  Ultimately the engine will fail even if my Facebook group told me it should not only run well but it should run great!  What we put in our bodies, even for a short period of time will either end positively or negatively.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the keto lifestyle isn’t for everyone!  It may work wonders for my brain, but for another migraineur it may not stop their migraines and they may find that going vegan is what their brain wants!  You have to go by trial and error to discover what your body (not your friends/sister/father/etc) needs to survive and be healthy.  We are all so different, albeit all human, but so complex!

For all of your new keto-ers (and some that have been going for a few months), you may have discovered already that there are many claims of “I lost 30 pounds this month!” or “I lost 10 pounds this week!”.  What you’re not seeing and maybe these folks are not diet-scale-000001667800-940x671following this claims up with is, many times they’re losing water weight.  Yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when the “whoosh” happens, many times it’s not fat at all!  Losing 10-15 pounds in a month (for those categorized as overweight/obese) is absolutely possible, but any more and now we’re talking loss of muscle and water.   For those in the heavier groups, I’d have to do more research but I believe yes, it’s much more plausible to lose a substantial amount of fat in a shorter period of time.

So, what should a person expect from going keto?  Well again, that depends on what type of keto you do and for how long.  If it is for health (ie; diabetes, brain disease, PCOS, etc) then you should be going REAL keto and following the advice of knowledgable keto-folks DD_90_KF_mob2such as Dr. Stephen Phinney & Stephanie Person.  They each have a substantial amount of knowledge about the history of nutritional ketosis as an ancient way of eating for MANY different cultures around the world.  From them you will will learn about what foods should be eaten, but also the foods that SHOULD BE AVOIDED.  However, if your journey brought you here to lose weight quickly and you don’t mind harming your body in the long-term for short-term results, then just join onecdfde592-506c-4dd5-a741-9d119b3eee53 of those so-called “keto” Facebook groups and try your best not to get too confused by all of the debates; to fast or not to fast, yes or no to alcohol, sugar-free foods, etc.  Oh, and be careful about talking too much science or health as it will get you kicked out or banned in many of them.

In reality, we’d all love to have our bodies agree with whatever is pleasing to our own likes and pleasures in what we eat.  I’d love for my body to lose weight each time I eat cheesecake, a fat cheeseburger and pasta.  Unfortunately, my body reacts with chronic, severe migraines and a bigger girth!

I can’t help that my body has IT’S OWN likes and dislikes, so I must go whichever way it needs me to go…and that’s REAL keto!

Walking direction on asphalt
Walking direction on asphalt.

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