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Keto Facebook Groups: Helping or Hurting Your Journey?

Before you, the reader, makes a snap judgement as to what you’re about to read in this blog, let me first state that this topic isn’t about ALL Facebook groups.  However, I will be discussing MY own personal experience alone.  If this is your first time reading one of my blogs, welcome and get ready for a few giggles, some real straight-forward talk and a whole lotta sarcasm.  Enjoy!


Since beginning keto in July of 2014, I realized right away (like many of you) that I needed support and direction.  Within the first month I’d done a TON of research and was very skeptical of every single so-called, “keto expert” I was getting info from; science and math rule regardless of our opinions.  Where would my support come from?  This was almost 5 years ago and there were only a few Facebook groups at that time….and I joined all of them.

Immediately I noticed that everyone was doing their own version of keto!  Potatoes with what???  Alcohol with sugar-free root beer?????  GMO foods like heavy whipping cream, hormone-filled cheese/creams with what???  Wow.  I was so confused as to what I was witnessing.  And I never thought for a moment that I knew everything about keto, but whatever I was witnessing, it was NOT nutritional ketosis.  It was the inevitable beginning of “trendy keto”.

I began jumping on to threads and asking questions; if you’re having sugar-free soda, doesn’t your blood sugar STILL rise and prevent ketone production?  If you’re drinking lots bulletproof coffee, won’t your cortisol rise, which makes your blood sugar rise AND prevent ketones?  The answer?  BANNED.  The door slammed shut on asking health questions from some of these groups!  Today, many of these “keto” Facebook groups are almost always owned/ran by someone selling a books, a product or YouTube channel.  If science conflicts with what they’re attempting to sell, then they will (and have) eliminated ANYONE trying to make sense of what they’re truly doing; attempting to make money.  I’m not opposed to making money, but not at the expense of anyone’s health or even at the expense of their life.

A few years went by before I even looked at another keto group on Facebook and I gave in this past autumn.  I knew the groups were so big by now since keto had gone trendy the past few years and I wanted to see if they were still just as un-scientific and monetizing their products as before.  And unfortunately my predictions were correct; promoting someone’s personal, unscientific/untested idea of keto and IMG_3997inevitably, possibly, hurting the health of any one of their many subscribers.  One group I’d joined was so militant on preventing any health-related discussions of keto that the word, “cortisol” got me kicked out within 5 minutes of my post.  I didn’t get banned (how nice of them, right?! lol) but I did get a message from one admin saying LITERALLY that the word “cortisol” was a word that was not allowed to be discussed publicly.  I wish I was kidding.  The owner of the group was free to sell their Youtube channel where nasty, GMO foods were *actually* recommended in their so-called, “Keto” recipe book with them recommending huge portions of hormone-filled meat products and caffeine-filled powders to the heart-diseased masses?  But no ma’am, the word, “cortisol” …….THAT is a no-no.

Setting these negative experiences aside, in the beginning I did find solace with a few other newbies in starting keto that DID help me.  None of us knew for sure what were doing, but when we put all of our research together we all knew that there was one basic truth; keto is an ancient, organic and grass-fed only way of eating.  Period.  On the flip side, maybe I can only eat 20 grams of organic protein but my female friend of the same age and stats can have 50 grams.  These are the fluctuating, self-experimentation facts that I’m always saying that needs to be done with each person.  There is NO argument when it comes “no no” foods with REAL keto; hormone-filled heavy whipping cream (HWC), cheeses, meats, fats, etc. Anything harmful to one’s cortisol like caffeine, poor sleep and the like.  Also, the “yes yes” foods are pictured below for furthering your keto knowledge.


If you’ve had a great experience in your keto Facebook group, then I’m happy for you!  Truly, all sarcasm aside.  I’m glad if you’ve had any positive experience in these groups because it’s not something common and I’d definitely welcome any keto group that is open to ALL discussions of nutritional ketosis!  Especially if it requires humbling us (even me!) to the reality of being wrong when it comes to our health!

Free speech is awesome, but unfortunately it’s not welcome in a large number of “keto” Facebook groups these days.  I do understand the need to stop spam, lol but do health discussions need to be included?  We should be able to reason together without being “policed” by those who are attempting to monetize on folks who are simply uneducated when it comes to nutritional ketosis.

Let me know what your opinion is, especially if you’re new to the keto way of life!

CHEERS!  And GOD bless you!


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