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Cutting Caffeine on Keto: The Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Detox

Some keto-ers like to debate on a regular basis whether or not coffee is keto-friendly. Bulletproof coffee (different recipes of coffee, MCT oil, butter, coconut oil and stevia) has at times become the poster child of the on-the-go keto-er. The bigger question is, is it for ME? To answer that, I’ll say the same thing that I always do, lol that depends on you!


When I started doing keto in July 2014, I’d considered myself a lifelong espresso aficionado. I’d had my 1st cup in Italy and fell in love immediately. I often give small cups of it to my friends whenever they visit my home, and I am a regular at local coffee caffeine-causality-loopshops. For a very short time in 2014, I’d cut it and all caffeine out of my diet to see how my body dealt with it, and I felt quite good. Of course within about six months, I gave in and fell completely off the caffeine wagon.

All these years later, I have come to depend on it to wake up in the morning and eventually to give me a second push in the mid afternoon. I’ve come accustomed to dizzy spells, feeling slightly jittery, and having very poor sleep from it.  Finally, a few weeks ago I decided that enough was enough and I was going to get myself back to living without it.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 I began lowering my coffee intake by half. I (foolishly, now that I think about it) gave myself 3 days to completely stop having any caffeine. I know inside_caffeine_withdrawal-550x540it’s a drug and I really needed to slowly taper off for 2 weeks, but whatever.  I can laugh now that the major detox part is over, but my body will probably take several more weeks to completely adapt.

By Friday, March 8 I’d had my last sip and didn’t feel too bad. Interesting, I figured that since I didn’t feel too tired or a headache, maybe my body wasn’t so attached to caffeine…or so I thought. Saturday and Sunday went by seemingly okay, but by Sunday evening……I felt beginning of the detox and it wasn’t funny.  No.  Not funny at all.

Monday morning I woke up with my neck so stiff and head pounding so hard that I couldn’t even think straight. It didn’t seem so bad in the morning, but when my NSAID didn’t even take the edge off, I knew this going to be terrible. My subtle nausea had Main_symptoms_of_Caffeine_overdose.svggrown to epic proportions of vomiting. Water couldn’t even stay down and it was fruitless when I took NSAID in the afternoon; I swear, I thought I could heard the pill laughing while I swallowed it. By that evening, I was getting ready to go to the ER.

As I checked into our packed, local ER, I shuttered at the thought of what awaited me. I’ve been in this place so many times in years past, but since going keto it was a terrible, distant memory. Yet, here I sat, clutching my head and vomit bag knowing it was only going to get worse.

A few hours later, I was being hooked up to the saline bag and a handful of potent pain-in-the-brain cocktails. Benadryl, which I loathe, went in first. As I began to get drowsy, the nurse said the name of the 2nd but I have no idea what it was; gotta love that IV.  I’m guessing a triptan because I soon felt my heart pumping like a maniac. Then the third, was morphine, which I knew right away and turned it down. Honestly, I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t have a gunshot wound.  Yikes!

The following 2 hours are a blur of freezing cold ER room, passing out and weird day dreams. It was awful. Several times I’d wake up realizing that this wasn’t a bad dream, but a bad reality. Even after the saline bag was done emptying into my dehydrated body, I still didn’t feel the need to urinate.  Wow.  I still can’t believe I put myself in this situation so carelessly.  By 9pm, my husband was driving me home.

After so many hours of pain, vomiting, needles and drugs, that my dream of sleeping in my soft, warm bed was finally coming true. My head hit my pillow and I was out. I haven’t had a hard sleep like that in many years and I needed it. I never realized that long term caffeine usage had been taxing my adrenals and just destroying my sleep so terribly.  What else could it possibly have damaged that I can’t see?

When I woke up the next morning, I felt renewed. I was in a dense, mental fog, but wow, I felt so much better. I knew the meds were still wearing off, but I did feel much better.


The next several days following were mixed with fatigue and withdrawals, but nothing ER-related. I’ve had trouble trying to get to working hard like normal, definitely don’t have that usual push from a good ol’ doppio shot of espresso, but once my body fully adjusts this will change.

What I’ve learned from all this is that as much as I lovvvvvvve an espresso, there’s too much it’s costing my health and I can’t allow it to continue. Lol I’m not getting any younger, so today is a great day to start again.

GOD bless you! And Keto-on!


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