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Staying Keto When The Going Gets Tough

A few weeks ago I encountered THE scariest moment in my life as one of my closest family members almost died right in front of me. Those minutes watching in terror and praying to GOD to save him, aren’t memories I want to rehash on here because I’m still haunted by them. I will only say that GOD is good and my loved one is alive and doing very well.

Now, you may ask, what does this have to do with keto?! Well, a lot actually. During the first 24 hours I ate once and it was only an egg. It’s interesting how you don’t think about eating at all when tragedy hits. I didn’t feel hungry at all and I didn’t sleep either. The following 48 hours I managed to get some sleep and quickly move into a hotel room near the hospital. Without thinking about it, I only grabbed hard boiled eggs, ready-to-microwave uncured bacon and some canned coconut milk. Again, no appetite but I made myself eat a little at least once a day.

After about 3 days of eating one or two quick snacks each day and KNOWING and PHYSICALLY feeling my cortisol was through the roof, I was astonished when my blood sugar came back a healthy 71mm first thing in the morning. At that moment, I honestly didn’t give a care AT ALL about keto or my blood sugar, but I was still surprised.

Once my sweet loved one was back home on the 6th day, I felt like I could finally breathe and my cortisol begin to slowly come back down to earth. The oddest part though is that my blood sugar wasn’t affected by it all and that’s amazing. Have I been keto long enough that my body has truly gone to its natural state of burning fat for energy and not turning to gluconeogenesis (aka destroying muscle) for its fuel and raising my blood sugar in the process?? My guess is yes.

This whole storm that my family has endured that past few weeks have has been both a curse yet a blessing. No one likes bad times. They’re hard, painful, full of tears and regrets. But what they DO accomplish is to show us that no matter what, GOD is still around and we need to focus on Him, trust His judgement and not the storm. And He takes care of us, especially when we can not do it ourselves. And amen to that.


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