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Those Who Can, Teach Keto!

This July will be my 5th keto-versary since starting this amazing journey for migraine prevention.  While I think back on the last 4+ years, to say it’s been amazing would be a drastic understatement.  Little did I realize that first day just how much my body and mind would improve!  Moreover, little did I know how many people I would learn from and teach along the way.  The story below is just one example of a typical keto-ers daily life exchanges.


(Now before I continue on, I do what’s known as “real”, “ancient” or strict keto.  There are many trendy versions of keto today, better known as “lazy” or “trendy” keto.  So, let’s not get confused about what I go into on these blogs.  I do REAL keto and that isn’t always easy for some, but it works FOR ME!  Like I always say, experiment and do what works FOR YOU!)

Some months ago I had an encounter with a physical trainer over the phone.  He didn’t know anything about me, not my age, not my athleticism, nothing.  Anyways, he had called to schedule me and appointment with a trainer from our local gym.  He asked me a list of questions on my health status, workout routine and……nutrition.  The dreaded question I loathe ONLY because so many people are either ignorant or misinformed. 1_mdeo2d71VfMzR-dSXQWUwg Well, this was a personal trainer who apparently knows EVERYTHING.  My first sentence had the word “keto” in it and he immediately interrupted me and began lecturing me as if I were a child.  Well this “child” just turned 40 and I was NOT about to let his ignorance get the best of me.  I allowed him to finish his un-researched, unscientific lecture when I asked him a simple question, “Have you ever experienced gluconeogenesis?”  I was met with a long pause, something I was curious about since he’d seem to have so many words just a moment before.  He slowly responded with, “I’mmmmm not sure what that is.”  I then proceeded to POLITELY tell him how HIS high protein diet of sugary drinks and GMO-infested meats would probably be causing him high blood sugar and an uncomfortable level of constipation.  Again…..silence.  For the next 20 minutes or so, he listened and asked many questions which I believe he waslevels-of-listening writing down to research later.  When we got off the phone I felt much better, but also wondered, ‘What just happened?’  Did I actually just teach a seemingly well-educated man about REAL KETO?  Sure enough, he called me back a few hours later and was overjoyed with how I was eating.

I was and still am glad that he’d done research and how we ended the conversation kindly.  Now all I think is, one trainer taught and about a bazillion to go!





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