I’m a Migraineur Girl in a Keto World

When I started this keto blog 2 years ago, I had one goal in mind: Educate myself and help other migraineurs. We chronic and severe migrianeurs are a rare breed of humans with a diabolical brain disease that I can only document for further studies in the future. Yes I wish someone else had done this before me however, we all play a part in this big thing we call life.

From my own personal experience, the majority of my neurologists (at least in America) have had wonderful intentions on helping me, unfortunately they aren’t well researched when it comes to prevention. This isn’t their fault since when the most they can come up with is to prescribe yet another drug that may or may not worsen my situations. I have been blessed however with having a few of them listen and take notes about my keto journey. We all got to start somewhere right?! Why not start with folks like us, today?

In the past few years I’ve seen many new bloggers, vloggers and the like begin their online journey with how their diet affects their migraines or brain diseases. Some migraineurs do very well with The ketogenic way of eating while others do outstanding going vegan. It really is absolutely up to each person to figure out what their brain likes and dislikes. Although we do have common triggers such as caffeine, dehydration, sugar, lack of sleep, etc., the triggers in our brain are extremely distinct one from another. In this journey of the mind, there doesn’t seem to be a “one-size-fits-all” answer.

To the reader who is new to self diagnosing through self experimentation with diet, I encourage you to journal. It doesn’t have to be online although putting it out there can possibly help others. However you do decide to document your journey, what may work for me may or may not work for you and that’s OK. If caffeine keeps away your migraines, try to figure out why! It may be a something as simple as your cortisol or blood sugar levels.

Please be encouraged but also aware that none of my blogs are medical advice but merely a documentation of my own journey. Whatever you do decide to do please include your doctor and/or neurologist in it. I’m sure they would both love to learn from your life.


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