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Keto On Caffeine: What’s the REAL Deal?

About 2 months ago I detoxed completely off caffeine. I was one of those espresso officianados, in my head at least, who drank her hot-shot of liquid, legalized speed with barely a sip of water as a chaser. I drank coffee as if it were required for breathing. I made no apologies and enjoyed every…single…drop.

I’d been on a caffeine high for at least 5 years and I knew that as a woman (who’s growing into a particular age) that this had to stop. Stop, I did and wow….what a PAINFUL detox experience that was.

So what has my life been like since the VERY bad detox? I sort of hate to admit it, but I feel so much better! I feel good when I wake up every morning. On the days that I don’t get enough sleep, sure I feel tired, but a little ice water with some lemon wakes me right up!

Keto-er (or vegan or pescatarian) I will tell you this, whether you agree with your body or not, it’s going to like and dislike different things. We’re either going to listen or fight the battle in a struggle that none of us will win.

At some point we each have to come to terms that our bodies have their own distinct coding and the type of fuel we’re giving it absolutely matters! Plus, anything that hurts our bodies is, well, it’s a very bad thing.


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