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Road Trip Keto!

Since around the end of May, my social media has been inundated with talks of local traveling and trips overseas.  The amazing pictures of far away places has given rise to my insatiable need to travel.  Well, how does that work since I’m on strict keto and finding grass fed beef isn’t exactly easy.

img_4463Before I delve into my solution, I must disclose that I’m one of those constant-traveler, nomadic type of people.  I have this constant need to be where I am not.  Even if it’s to a neighboring town only 2 hours away, I must go there and discover it’s hidden treasures; restaurants, parks, rivers, local hotspots, etc.  I cannot stay home for too long before I get the, “travel bug” and I’m off!

Since I’m on-the-go quite regularly, I have to plan ahead and pack much of my food in aimg_4467 small Yeti cooler.  On my regular list, I pack the following; Spinach, homemade dressing (organic mayo, lemon juice, salt & pepper), Kerrigold butter, coconut milk (organic), eggs (organic, boiled), cooked grass-fed beef, cooked broccoli or some other cruciferous vegetable.  Occasionally, I’ll add some almonds, grass-fed lard or pork rinds.  One great part about traveling these days is that most motels/hotels have small or even full-sized refrigerators and that works for folks like me who need to travel with food!


Now, the best thing I try to do when going out to eat at a restaurant while on vacation, is stay as keto as possible.  Why not have fun with it?  If I hit up a Mexican restaurant, I’ll go for chile relleno (egg-only battered) or even carne asada with guacamole.  If it’s a drive through, I’ll get a burger (no bun) and a salad.  Or a salad that has eggs and use mayo only as dressing.

Obviously, falling off the keto wagon happens but the fall is short…and sometimes sweet.  Lol, but all in all, just doing one’s best is what matters.


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