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Keto VS The Scale: What On Earth?!

Ok, so I’ve written about this subject before and since I’ve dealt with this issue as well I figured why not cover it since it’s such a big issue keto-ers seem to have.

Back during the first few weeks of starting keto, I had the blessing of actually learning real, clean keto and not the lazy, dirty, trendy “keto”. My intentions were to stop my migraines and within the few few weeks, my weight was sliding off! Even though I was overweight at that time, the battle for my brain was no on with my weight.


At a seemingly constant weight-loss rate of -2.5 lbs per week, I couldn’t believe that just eating a certain way would not only prevent migraines but also give me back my pre-baby body! I was elated! I bought cute clothes again and was just feeling like my life has restarted. My migraines had pretty much stopped to about one attack per month, was a healthy size 8/10 I wasn’t even working out or watching what I was eating. I had began to enjoy my life again…..then it happened.

At about 6 months into starting keto, my weight plateaued. I thought maybe it was the 4 chocolate peanut M&M’s I had finally eaten (my fav candy) or maybe it was from chewing sugar free gum. I still have no idea, but it happened, my weight started to creep back up. Every week I would gain about 2.5 lbs! Just like the slow slide down, it was slowly creeping back up and like an immovable freight train, I couldn’t stop it.  I cried. Like a spoiled child, I cried and then I cried because it was something so superficial and I shouldn’t be that way.

exxlUuKMy weight finally stopped right at where it’d started; 180 lbs. I was flabbergasted, but I stayed the path because my brain liked it and my health mattered more. My cycle was also regular (which had never happened in my life!) and my gums were super pink and healthy. Why allow my joy over these wonderful things be clouded by that stupid scale?! Why? Because I’m a woman and sorry, that’s what we’ve been trained to do!!!

The question you may be asking, what about today, 5 years into staying keto.  I’m not kidding, but I’m STILL 180 lbs.  For the past year I’ve been working out fairly consistently (working out 2-3 times per week), staying keto and not indulging in any carb up days/weeks/etc.  I fall off the wagon with a meal every now and then, but it never goes more than a day or 2 about every 4-6 weeks.  I’ve also been running my butt off (literally, I’m down several clothing sizes) and I’m slowly seeing muscles growing. I’m still 180 pounds.  Do I care?  Not really.  I just can’t let it rule my life!  I’m very healthy and have run a 1/2 marathon and am training to do more this year.  The scale can suck it, seriously.


Really though, I really cannot stand this seemingly scale-obsessed culture.  LOL I’ve only written about this subjects a few times so obviously the scale obsession isn’t going away for keto-ers!  I still see so many of them losing their minds and judging their every day happiness according to what a scale says.  Really??  Do you think it’s truly, TRULY possible to lose 15 – 30 lbs of “fat” in a week?  Unless you’ve had it surgically removed, DUH no!  It’s most likely water!  Your kidneys begin to change their behavior since you’re not consuming so many carbs, so yeah, you’re no longer having to retain so much water.

This isn’t the standard for everyone, obviously, but people need to get a grip on what their body needs and stop comparing yourself to anyone else!  We’re all human, yes, but we’re all so different in our genetic makeup that it’s truly futile to compare yourself to anyone else.

I just stay off the scale and stay REAL keto!  Cheers!



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