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Winter Goals Means Putting Effort Into Keto Summer & Autumn

I decided at the beginning of this summer to do a half marathon again. My first half marathon was last winter (Dec. 2018) and I was elated just to finish. Well, I figured why not keep it up?! I’m now doing three half marathons this winter, so my summer has been FILLED with running goals, keto meal planning and attempting to get good rest.

It’s been an amazing time in my life since turning the big, 4-0. Ups and downs for sure,1 but my biggest surprise has been how my body can still be a beast with exercise if I just train continuously. My energy sure wasn’t there during those first few weeks. With work& school obligations, I had to make time to run or workout as it’s important and necessary if I want to complete my goals.

With that being said, staying strict/clean keto is something that I have to put effort into regularly in order to stay healthy!  I have a regular stock of coconut milk because I crave those amazing keto shakes all the time.  I also cook things like chicken thighs, bacon (with the fat), broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower that I keep in the fridge for my on-the-go days.  I also will buy a jar of organic mayo, open it and pour in a few tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, shake it real good and BAM!  Salad dressing for a week!


When it comes to exercising and having a big family to maintain, I HAVE to make time.  I have to make time and sometimes space!  Some of us must workout at home and I literally use a small area in my bedroom as my workout space!  I use a phone on my app called, “Virtual Trainer – Body Weight” and setup what workouts I’d like to do that day.  If I have to run, which has been my focus lately as I’m training for my first of three 1/2 marathons, I have my treadmill at home but also I run outdoors.  It’s free!  Lol!

What this all boils down to is most of us adults are busy with life, work, family, obligations and if starting or staying keto is important than effort MUST be made!  For some keto is a temporary fix to attempt to lose some fat and for some like me, keto is health!  Whatever the case is for you, sure sometimes you’ll need get just get a drive-through burger with no bun OCCASIONALLY.  However, if you plan your meals ahead of time, maybe invest in a little cooler or lunch container, your effort will definitely pay off!



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