Keto and My Personal Fitness Journey

Since 95% of my blogs have been about how keto has improved my migraine occurences, I thought I’d open up about my fitness and weight loss.  Now, to be clear, I do keto strictly for my brain health, BUT fat-loss is indeed a perk.  A nice perk in fact.  So, I write the following with a few important points that include the fact that I work out regularly, eat CLEAN on keto (organic/grass fed foods) and I only drink water.

In July of 2016, I gave birth to my 5th child and had a starting weight of 180 lbs.  I gained my usual 40 lbs (like with ever pregnancy) and plateaued for the first time ever at 205 lbs.  I’d always plateaued at 160, so this was a ab21703ec6cc018700e4c792ab335299major shock!  I was keto then, so I figured I’d lose the pregnancy weight easily…I was SO wrong. My hormones were still coming back to normal and with a new baby, I just didn’t want to count calories or workout.  I was a thick mama, with a wonderful husband who’s loved me at every size, but I just felt like I was wearing a body that wasn’t mine.  I promised myself that I needed to get back into it when the time was right.

By the winter of 2018 I’d turned 39, I was down to 185lbs and the struggle was so real!  I was not counting calories or really working out but my inches were slowly going down but of course, the scale never moved.  I decided then and there that I wanted to do something major before my 40th birthday….why not run a half marathon?!  I’d been a descent runner 10 years before so why not get back into it?  I really enjoy running so why not make it my thing again?  So I did.

My first few runs were excruciating.  It was as if my body was screaming at me, For-Pain-It-Matters-Which-Doctor-You-See-722x406“STOPPPPP!!!!  What are you doing??!  We don’t do this anymore!  Are you crazy?!  You’re not 25 year old now, so guess what, honey?!  You’re going to be feeling awful!!!”  And I did.  Everything in my body hated what I was doing.  It thoroughly punished me for days on end for simply jogging!  What did I do?  I kept going.  Yes, I was more than twice as slow and nowhere near my previous 19 year old pace of a 7 minute mile, but who cares?  I was moving again.

By the fall of 2018 I was in the full rush of doing three runs per week, 4, 6, 8 miles and more.  Sometimes one of my family members would get sick and I needed to be be nurse for a week or two and lose that practice time, but I’d get right back to it after.

December came and I was so ready, so I had major anxiety when I got sick for 2 solid weeks beforehand.  The illnesses were a sinus infection that lasted until a week before and then I fell ill with a major stomach flu right up until 2 days before my half marathon.  I had such little recovery, but I didn’t care, I was going.   And I did it.


I ran that half marathon and finished one of the slowest runners that day because not only had I been sick, but I didn’t bring a single electrolyte with me!  LOL wow, I was asking for it wasn’t I?! Ha!  As I finished it and my legs had quit miles before, I struggled as I pulled them toward the finish line.  As I got closer, my oldest teenage son ran up next to me holding a big, yellow, handmade sign that read, “DON’T GIVE UP, MOM!”  I laughed and cried happy tears as he ran with me across that finish line.  I could barely walk to accept my medal and laughed as all my children hugged me.

These days I’m still running, working out and planning on doing two, half marathons this winter.  I’m excited!  Plus, my weight is around 170, my inches have me in size 10 jeans BUT, my health is now being measured by my running pace.  To me, THAT is a sign my health is improving!  Well that and nearly no migraines.  Thank You, GOD for giving me keto!




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