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Migraine Attack *Live Blog*

Well, it’s happening.  Again.  I just came out of my room and I’m barely able to see again and decided I needed to record what is happening in real time. As I stood up in my room, I got up and realized immediately that I am trembling.  My home, which was perfectly temperatured prior to… Continue reading Migraine Attack *Live Blog*

estrogen · estrogen dominance · hormonal imbalance · keto · ketogenic · ketogenic diet · LCHF · migraine · migraineur

Migraines & Estrogen dominance

Since estrogen dominance is a huge, undiagnosed problem many people suffer from, my newly educated self will try to explain what I know to the best of my ability.  Again, these are MY symptoms and progress and should only de used as a point of reference to your own self-education and discovery. Over a year… Continue reading Migraines & Estrogen dominance