I’m a married mom of 5, and I’ve suffered from a variety of migraine attacks with aura since 2000.  My first attack came 2 months after giving birth to my first child, which led to having severe migraine attacks with aura 3-4 times per week.  Many trips involved ER visits, in which medical staff would often ask why I was there for a “headache”…. O.0

I’m a military veteran, went through 2 years of culinary school, had MANY adventures both overseas and here in my homeland of the USA.  I’ve lived, honey!  But all this has been interrupted by my brain disorder.

I started the ketogenic lifestyle in July of 2014 as one of many changes to help cure my migraine attacks.  With all of the pills my past neuros have tried with me, life was hell. Either from the odd migraine attacks (which I suffer a variety from), or from the awful side effects of the meds that I’ve tried.

The goal of this blog is do make myself my own science experiment and try to post daily about my current ketogenic stats.  Sometimes I’ll fall and then other days I’ll fly.

Just keepin’ it keto!



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